The Japanese retailer Map Camera opened a new eBay store

The Japanese retailer Map Camera, one of the sponsors of this blog, recently opened a new eBay store. They have a large selection of Leica cameras and lenses in their store and the new Leica eBay section will make purchasing even easier:

Check also their dedicated Leica blog.


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  • Sasha Lytvyn

    These are THE MOST Ridiculous prices I have ever seen

    • Poki

      Definitely. You could get most of these items for half of these prices on ebay.

      • Ric Ricard

        I had the same thought. I wasn’t going to post on the subject so I was happy to see that someone else did.

      • Nathan Wright

        Used Leica prices in Japan are out of control. A lot of it may have to do with the fact that japan has heavily used internet shops and that most people speak only Japanese and are wary of being taken advantage of because of that.

    • Daryl

      They haver some unique cameras and lenses in there, well photographed, fun to look through. I believe prices are higher in Japan than in the US and Europe.


    When is your Iberit 24mm review coming?

    • The Nikon D850 coverage took my entire time the last two weeks. I have to catch up – I did not have any time to shoot with the lens.

      • CCD FTW

        Oh that’s so unimportant, nobody cares 😉

  • Akinobu Yoshikawa

    No guys, Leica prices in Japan are generally much more expensive to begin with. Hence I never purchase Leica items here. For a Leica M, I can fly overseas to get one and still have change.

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