FIrst pictures of “Leica XY” (Leica CL?) mirrorless camera (with EVF)

A new mirrorless camera under the name Leica XY was registered with the Taiwanese telecommunication authority (NCC). This is the camera I have been reported about in the past few months (code name “Clooney”, model 7323). I am not convinced the Leica XY name on the hot shoe is final. I believe this camera will be called "Leica CL" but I could be wrong.

The camera is rumored to have the same 24MP APS-C sensor as the TL2, built-in EVF, L-mount and be produced in Germany. The official announcement will be on November 22nd. Leica is also expected to introduce also a new Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 ASPH lens.

Additional pictures:

Via Nokishita

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  • Play FM! It has a radio!

  • Nice looking camera, by the way.

  • Thought I would sell my TL2 for this due to the lack of EVF.
    Now I see the photo of it, never mind, my TL2 works perfectly fine.
    Still good to see that they continue the X line though.

    • Frank Bernhard Übler

      Yes. I agree. I was waiting for this, but I might get the TL2 instead. I will call this camera Humpty Dumpty 😉

  • Andrey Zheludkov

    Good addition to my SL!

  • Ben Woodard

    Oooh – looks like a winner to me. I bet that will sell a ton of TL lenses. People who loved the X 117 now can go for the XY+23mm and the people who liked the X Vario can go for the XY+18-56mm and the thing is it is just a TL2 with a different UI and an embedded EVF and if you like the Q idea but don’t need FF, then isn’t there supposedly a new 18mm prime coming out? The only thing that I can see which could have been better is if they made it take the same T, TL, TL2 battery.

    • Frank Bernhard Übler

      Really?! I loved the design of the X 117 and X Vario. (X1 is okay, I don’t like the X2.) This one looks weird from the top. They’d been doin too much.

      • I have to agree, not impressed by the design but I can bet that they included a nice EVF – this thing is huge!

        • Gerald Lee

          The top plate is real retro With the LCD.
          It’s a surprise to me but I always want a small mirrorless camera with a top LCD so I can conserve battery switching off the camera display… didn’t expect leica to do it

          • Yes, that LCD is ok. He EVF looks out of place.

          • Frank Bernhard Übler

            I think the problem is not the EVF itself. I like it actually, it looks acceptable to me from the left side of the camera (last photo). The combination of EVF, hot shoe and base plate is messy. Looks like the surface of a Star Wars Star Destroyer 😉

            I wonder why they haven’t sunken in the hot shoe like with the Q and some of the later X designs, where they raised that left part over the whole depth of the camera body. The EVF hump would be sill there, but it might look cleaner.

            Since this seems an obvious thing to do, I wonder if they have tried it and decided against it.

          • Maybe not enough space? The camera is small to start with.

          • Frank Bernhard Übler

            Yes. Maybe “sunken in” didn’t describe it well what I meant. I meant they could have risen the hight of the left side of the top plate to be on level with the hight of the hot shoe. Similar to how they avoided the X2’s hump under the hot shoe with the later X designs. They’ve probably tried it and didn’t like it.

          • I see what you mean – maybe this would make the camera look larger? I am just guessing here.

          • Frank Bernhard Übler

            Yes, I think that’s right. I am sure they had a reason. That could be it.

          • Christian Seidel

            I’d like to see a version where the top plate area around the hot shoe is prolonged to the front up to the front line of the EVF. (That would – of course – complicate the two groups of 4 holes situation.)

            Also – how does one paint in Vanta Black?

    • I think this is what Leica is trying to do – switch X owners to the L-mount.

  • Is it meant to look like the Series 0? I was expecting a cleaner look.

  • Panacea

    Wow, I do not find that viewfinder attractive at all. In fact, the whole top of the camera with the various wheels is really off-putting.

    • I find the viewfinder very attractive

      • Panacea

        This camera won’t be hard to find, there will be ample supply. Right next to all the unpurchased Snapchat glasses.

        • Keep trying to be cute, Panacea. You are failing badly at the moment.

          • Panacea

            Oh my, someone disagrees with your opinion! Time to anonymously lash out on the internet! How brave.

        • Brennan McKissick

          Oh my, someone disagrees with your opinion! Time to anonymously lash out on the internet! How brave.

    • Frank Bernhard Übler

      I agree. The last photo is nice. That is the only nice angle of that viewfinder in my opinion. Reminds me of how the X2 was worse than the X1.

    • tjholowaychuk

      Agreed, it looks ok until you see the top plate, and APS-C… meh.

    • kahudson

      It looks as if the viewfinder may be something that can flip up. If so, that would make it more attractive to me.

      • John Armstrong-Millar

        Looks to be the viewfinder from the SL

    • Clearly the only reason to buy any camera is for the aesthetics.

      • No

      • DouglasGottlieb

        The aesthetics, yes.
        And the Leica colors.
        And the Leica glass.
        And the Leica build.
        And the Leica handling.
        And the sense of owning a descendent of the cameras used by the finest photographers of all time.

    • Noodle

      Would’ve upvoted this if you didn’t already upvote yourself, and all your other posts ..

    • ZMWT

      This EVF is fixed, with no capability to shoot low angle. There is no articulating LCD either. To shoot low angle, one must use Visoflex — again?! I ask myself — what was the purpose of this “new” design?

      • Yes, the EVF appears to be fixed based on the pictures.

      • Or you can lay on the ground to get your shot, which is how people have been doing it for a century.

    • Corky

      Looks better in black.

  • Tim Rule

    Oh, and with an APS-C sensor … OK 🙂

  • Brennan McKissick

    This is what the T should have been from the very beginning. The only bad thing about this camera is that it will be well over $2000 (I assume) and puts it out of reach for people who’d cross shop this with the higher end Fuji APS-C offerings. I’d honestly consider it if it weren’t for the cost.

    • David Lingle

      this looks a lot like an X1 or X2… its what that camera should have looked like in 2009

      • mitchellhartman

        exactly, maybe the should have gone with the Q style or actual CL style body rather than rehashing the X2 body style.

        • El Aura

          And using the Q style or the CL style would not be ‘rehashing’?

          • mitchellhartman

            True but would look better than this IMHO

    • CHD

      ‘I’d honestly consider it if it weren’t for the cost.’…like Leica has never heard that before.

      • Brennan McKissick

        I know, that’s why I felt bad saying it. I know they don’t play the price game but it’s hard to not get caught up on it.

  • beautiful! butAPS-C sensor 🙁

    • There is nothing wrong with APS-C.

      • YourFace

        You are absolutely correct but I want FF.

        • Andrey Zheludkov


          • Erica Middel

            or M 😉

        • So go buy an SL, Laurent. Good Christmas.

          • CHD

            Stupid comment…an SL is a completely different concept. Tonnes of people have been asking for a FF Leica with an EVF in a small body. If this camera was FF and accepted M lenses it would be a huge seller.

          • Corky

            That would wipe out their RF line.

          • CHD

            No it wouldn’t. What about all you Leica guys that clamor about the ‘rangefinder experience’. Put it this way, Leica sells an M with no LCD….not a stretch to think they could keep the M rangefinder line alive AND a FF, smaller body with EVF.

          • ” If this camera was FF and accepted M lenses ” Well, then I guess I’d buy an ACTUAL LEICA M THEN, which just happens to be FF and accepts M lenses.

            The quality of Russian autobots is declining.

          • CHD

            Listen Dotard, I said a FF body with an EVF, which is clearly not an M rangefinder. Read before you post.

    • yes, L-mount

  • Martin

    I think it’s really ugly. The hump on the hump on the top. 🙁

  • MrWelshB

    ….more effort on new camera platforms but for those of us who invested in SL still nothing on those new lenses that we were promised by Autumn of this year. Cmon Leica or it could be time to sell up and look at that Hasselblad.

    • Brennan McKissick

      You should have done that from the start. Or better yet, buy the GFX and save yourself a lot of money and have a better camera.

    • kahudson

      Leica needs to streamline its interchangeable camera lines. It clearly cannot support development and production for the M, S, SL and TL simultaneously. While this camera looks promising, the current range of TL lenses does not. So new purchasers may find themselves in the same position as SL early adopters.

      • Les

        It looks like they sell many different camera lines, but it’s just 3 sensors (APS-C, full frame, medium format), and one electronics architecture ( “Maestro”).

        • kahudson

          To clarify, it isn’t the sensors that worries me. Its is the incomplete lens lineups. They, and consumers, would be better off with 2 sets of lens lineups, not 4.

          • Erica Middel

            You can use the TL lenses on the SL (it wil crop to apc-c, but the sensor has enough megapixels so the files will be big enough). So there are more lensen for the SL than just the SL lenses

          • El Aura

            Agreed, though I would think the M lens lineup is basically complete. For once it has been around forever. Moreover the rangefinder nature limits what kind of lenses are practical (no zooms, no tele lenses longer than 135 mm). Neither will M lenses need to gain new features like AF or OIS. While Leica will continue to add lenses and update older designs, that is not of great importance to the M line (it’s important to Leica selling more M lenses).

            Having both SL and TL lens lineups makes sense (except that one could question both systems as being too little, too late and too expensive). There has not been much overlap, but at some point some SL lenses will make sense on a TL body. It’s the S system I would be most worried about. Digital MF is such a small niche that is on a downwards trajectory only temporarily interrupted by new, cheaper entrants (Pentax, the two mirrorless DMF).

  • Beautiful camera. Just perfect.

  • Massimo Scognamiglio

    I love this camera!!! Coming from the x-vario this is what I was looking for (the x-vario was more beautiful). 24 mega pixel integrated viewfinder. What I really don’t like is the fact that there is not an iso button. And the ergonomy of the x was better (this remember me the TL that I don’t like). And yes the top plate is terrible. One more thing. Why everyone hate the flash?! The one in the x was useful for my style of picture…

  • dannybuoy

    Thankfully this isn’t M mount. Or is probably want it.

    • FountainHead

      That, would be perfect.

    • David Lingle

      If its L mount, there is the M to L adapter

      • I think they will also announce more L-mount adapters.

  • DS

    I can see the argument that this is about drawing us X 113 owners towards an L mount camera.. However I prefer the X 113, and would love to see this body released with the 23mm fixed prime… Now that would get my money. as for this, looks nice but with a lens is going to be hitting close to 4k territory in the UK.. so out of my league..

  • Top plate is a really bad desing. They must unified the platform of the hot shoe and view finder and take it to the limit. The two dials and the shooter seems not ergonomic at all. It looks like the multishoot changer is beside the shooter like X Vario, a nice thing.
    Any case imho better than TL2 in ergonomics but ugly desing of top plate.
    Lets wait for the price……


    really dont like that EVF hump there and I always prefer the silver version but in this case it looks really looks plastic like (top and bottom plates). I wish Leica had not decreased the height so much that the EVF sticks up like that, kind of ugly. Otherwise this camera has an M essence to it that I like.

    • they should have used the Leica Q design, just make it smaller

      • RONIT

        Peter, I just dont know what they were thinking here, M or Q design is perfect, I really love the Q desgn, I dont know which group of people Leica is tagetting here. Lets face it we love design, for me it has to appeal, If that was not the case I would have gone with any of the Sony line up of A series bodies!

        • I think that big EVF breaks the balance. It looks like a Japanese made camera. I will not be surprised if Panasonic designed it.

          • Gerald Lee

            Wonder if that is the same evf as the g9. We shall see 🙂

      • ZMWT

        The reason Q design worked is because it was NOT designed by Leica, but by an admirer of Leica, who came to them with a design idea.

  • Willem Jan Drijfhout

    Looks like the photos are not authentic. Width of camera is almost 14cm in one photo while almost 16 cm in another.

    • Willem Jan Drijfhout

      Upon further inspection might just be due to perspective differences.
      Well, if this really is the new CL, it primarily emphasizes the beauty of the TL2.

    • visual illusion, the pictures are authentic

  • DouglasGottlieb

    If that viewfinder rotates, we might forgive the hump

    • ZMWT

      I don’t think it rotates, there is no visual clue here in the photographs that show it could rotate. Furthermore, there is no articulating LCD either. If the EVF is affixed in horizontal position, and no articulating LCD, and to do any low-angle photography one must Visoflex — again — what actual problem Leica solved with this camera?

  • Mark Sarkisian

    If this is real,,,, the size of the viewfinder in relation to the size of the lens mount suggests Lecia SL size finder… WOW

    • Yes, the pictures are real and I think Leica just picked the best EVF in the industry.

  • Ronald Den Dekker

    Like this design. Almost bought a LT(2) but could not live with the choice EVF or flash. Not possible to use both. And the TL2 hasn’t even a built in flash. I do like to use fill-in flash sometimes or attach a little led-light in the hot-shoe. So curious about this upcoming camera. Now I can use the EVF and use a flash if I wanted or needed at the same time.

  • Mark Sarkisian

    The viewfinder measures half the size of the L mount–that is Leica SL size viewfinder dimensions!! WOW You can complain about looks but a big viewfinder is a big viewfinder. Just think how much fun it will be to use this traveling,

    • Yes, I will not be surprised if this is not the best EVF in the industry.

      • Erica Middel

        But the viewfinder of the Q is also smaller than the one on the SL and the viewfinder of the Q is really good.

        • John Armstrong-Millar

          It’s not as nice as the SL. If this has the SL EVF it will be a very nice camera to use

      • TomV

        You will be surprised if it is the best evf?

        • Ah, one too many “not”

  • Mark Sarkisian

    Correction: it is close to half size of the lens mount given different projections but still ? Leica SL viewfinder size?

  • Marco Antonio Garcia

    I kinda like it! That’s a camera that I’ll definitely consider buying.

  • 9 oz. 5 in.

    Wondering it’s EVF resolution. hope as good as SL’s. Why they don’t make it M mount as well APS-C sensor M body….

    • I think the EVF will be better than the SL.

      • Benedict Chin

        If better than SL, this new EVF must be >4.4 MP. I do hope so.

      • RONIT

        I would think it will be less than 4.4mp, look at Sony with their A9, less than 4MP, I think 4.4 will be awesome and I hope it has it but anything less than that, will be as good

  • Joe Van Wyk

    Could the eight little holes on top be a mic for video?

    I actually shoot quite a bit of video with my Leica Q. If any of you are interested in the video quality from the Q please have a look at some of my videos. Here’s one from a couple weekends ago at an Eric Kim street photography workshop:

  • CKho

    how about Image Stabilization?

    • The Q and SL have it, so I will guess yes.

      • CKho

        I Hope so

      • El Aura

        Only the two SL zoom lenses have stabilisation. None of the Leica bodies has stabilisation.

        • actually we were both 50% correct – the Leica Q does have image stabilization, the SL does not

          • El Aura

            Dang, you cannot trust DPreview (Image stabilization: No,, I did check there before commenting.

            But the salient point here is that while Leica appears to have three lenses with IS (two SL zooms plus the Q lens), none of their cameras has sensor stabilisation. Based on that history one would predict the Leica ‘CL’ to not have IS either. Though nothing is set in stone, for every manufacturer there is a first time when they start offering stabilised lenses or cameras.

            An interesting question is why none of the TL lenses are stabilised.

          • Gerald Lee

            I heard from a local leica rep stabilisation affects the out of focus render negatively, which is why the Q is default to OFF.

            If leica priority is iq, then I doubt we will see any form of stabilisation, only in their longest focal S.

  • LyTor

    This camera is as thick as an M or SL at the lens mount, much thicker than the TL. Why make it so thick with extruded lens mount, unless it’s full frame?

    • Maybe they will offer some amazing tech inside? I don’t know.

    • ZMWT

      IBIS is a possibility.

  • Ric Ricard

    They should use this same concept for an M body. I think it would be a great companion to shoot with alongside an M10.

    • RONIT

      Agreed, thats what I want from Leica, but like my friend said, he trusts Leica knows what they are doing, and like Peter said, this could the work by Panasonic, ugly if you ask me

      • ZMWT

        No, this is Leica’s work because it over-emphasises form over function. Panasonic would use articulated LCD at least.

        • RONIT

          I am sure Leica’s hand is in the body and they may have strict rules about what they need and what they don’t want, fixed LCD screen may be one of the criteria. I am not saying Panasonic is responsible for it 100%, they could have a hand in it, based off the poor design top feature of the camera. I don’t know if Leica would produce that kind of a design, look at the T,TL, they are BEAUTIFUL bodies, I really did not like the flash in the T but thats something that I can overlook, also the SL, despite its DSLR look, it still is very well designed, nice flat mate finish surfaces and kind of sharp contour of the body gives that professional look to it. This CL just does not cut it in design, I don’t care how good it functions. I just want them to make a fully digital version of the M with EVF I am sure they will in the near future, I respect Leica cause they stayed film on the M for so long even to the point of bankruptcy. But the digital M was lovingly embraced.

          • Enche Tjin

            Leica always make products that doesn’t overlap / cannibalize each other. This CL will be the closest to digital M. User can choose to use autofocus lens or M lenses with adaptor (despite 1.5x crop). We should try it, I think user experience will be great.

          • RONIT

            I don’t believe this will be the closet, There is very little there design wise that Leica is creating a fully digitized M here, This body is in a category of its own. I would say the Q is the closest to an M by far and if you say Leica has not overlapped, well just look at the similarities with the Q, the form, the dials etc. I am sure they will make one that like a Q but with an M mount. that is what many of us want. I for one will buy it when that becomes a reality. Don’t say it will not happen, Leica can make it happen just like they made the first digital M.

          • Tim Rule

            Before this rumour, I would never imagine a camera like this, even if it looked good, from a premium camera maker, so either Leica is brilliant … or nobody really wants _another_ expensive APS-C camera from Leica.

            Leica should start cannibalising their own products before they become completely irrelevant. Looking at you “digital M with EVF”, Q with 35mm Lens and Mister Compact FF SL mount camera.

        • That is true too.

  • ZMWT

    [1] They should have lowered those three buttons, or move at least one of them them to the right of the screen, below the wheel; in current position, people will bump them with their noses. [2] No articulating screen, and [3] the EVF is affixed in horizontal position. Several years later, several L-mount cameras, and none can be used for low or high angle photography? Was this designed by Leica, or by a local kindergarten?

    • I think they tried to have the same buttons layout as the Leica M10.

    • Erica Middel

      The Q has the evf on the left and has buttons below the evf. Never bumpt my nose on them.
      I have articulating screens on a couple of camera’s but hardly ever use them. I find the visioflex easier to use on my T than a flippy screen on my other camera’s.
      The problem they have solved with this camera is that it isn’t a touch screen camera anymore and is for those who wanted a TL with build in evf and buttons in stead of just a touch screen.

      • Gerald Lee

        I think it might still have a touch screen like the Q. Moving focus point on the d-pad of a Leica is a terrible experience, and this camera don’t have a joystick.

  • soundimageplus

    Looks very nice. Viewfinder on the left is very Leica. Hopefully it’s the same one as in the SL. It’s light, it’s small and from using theTL2 for a few weeks it has a great sensor. The best APS-C sensor I’ve ever used. Plus now the 18mm ‘pancake’ makes sense.

  • TomV

    Ugly as all hell, but I would buy if the EVF is as good as the SL – and hopefully those dials are prototype mock-up and they actually make them dedicated shutter / ISO control, rather than trying to re-live the Sony Tri-Navi glory days (not). Does anyone else find it “funny” that then lens mount is so off-center to the left side of the body? “Clooney” is appropriate for the “silver on top” model but maybe not the black version.

    • Gerald Lee

      It’s a prototype mock up since the on switch has no marking, but I am not sure how much more details there will be. The top plate is certain to be final.

      Come to think of it, if the design is too Barnack, people will say it copied pen-f. If it is too boxy people compares to the Fuji.

      Leica is trying to be different. I am sure the product will look better in the hand like the T.

  • kahiri78

    Oh my, the mounting protrudes so much to the front..kinda ugly.

  • padam

    Put this EVF into a cheaper M camera, same sensor as the M10 without rangefinder coupling where it looks less out of place, job done.

    • What kind of a yotz would want an M without a rangefinder?

  • RJ

    It’s a very odd looking thing. Somebody once said a camel is a horse designed by a comittee…The TL is the horse, clearly the comittee objected to it and have had their say. Say hello to the camel. Raising the upper area on the TL by 5mm to occomodate the EVF would have been a better idea. I think the smartest move Leica could make right now is open the Q to interchangeable M lenses along with support for TL/SL lenses. That is a camera that would satisfy almost all and would sell very well

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    I like it but no built in flash! It’s okay on a M camera but this is more of a carry around casual camera and needs one…

  • Bo Dez

    I love it. It’s very Bauhaus. It’s only there if its needed.

    • hexx

      How’s that mess “very Bauhaus”?

      • I think most people who reference Bauhaus don’t actually know what it means. There is no one style that is Bauhaus, it was simply a group of artists aspiring towards “radical modernism” in art and design, which eventually manifested as a school.
        It would be like lumping George Lucas, Michael Mann and Ron Howard’s films together as “very USC” because they all went to the same school.

  • Contemporary artist

    My girlfriend loves this. Thinks the M too masculine, the TL2 twee and the Q ok – but bit unbalanced.

  • Jean-Louis Coffre

    I’m afraid that Leica has include a Panasonic G9 in this new camera

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I’m going to buck the trend here and say that I like this camera already.

    No, it doesn’t have the M’s clean, flat top plate. But this isn’t an M!

    Not raising the entire top to make it flush, and instead only extending upward where necessary seems very Leica — no superfluous height. We know how Leica feels about superfluous anything.

    I’m happy to see the viewfinder on the left.

    And something about the silver profile, so thin, reminds me of my beloved IIIf.

    It will be interesting to see how this looks with a lens attached.

    And I’d very much like to see an X camera in this format.

    I hope it is weather sealed and smokes the Sony A6500 and A9 in autofocus, tracking and burst. You already know that it will in user experience and glass.

  • Bo Dez

    Because what is there is only there because it needs to be, without any smoothing over or concealing of anything with decorative parts. For example the shape of that EVF hump looks like it is formed from the bare hardware. It has no minimalist top plate to conceal it or pretty it up.

    People often confuse bauhaus with minimalism.

  • Nick

    Targeting Ricoh GR and Fuji X100 crowds. It’s a better built interchangeable lens Ricoh GR with a built in viewfinder. That new tiny 18mm is going to make this camera pocketable while having the versitility of using larger lenses when you want. I’m beginning to like this a lot more the more that I’m thinking about it…

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