Additional Leica CL mirrorless camera information

Here is an updated list of rumored Leica CL mirrorless camera specifications (based on my previous post from August):

Here is some additional information from the Leica Forum:

  • Name will probably be "CL"
  • 1/8000 mechanical shutter
  • Same EVF as the Typ 020, but without GPS
  • Leaked photos are the actual camera
  • Appears to be a tandem product rather than an upgrade
  • Price slightly more than that of current TL2 + external EVF
  • No mention of IBIS or PDAF

The price of the new Leica CL camera is expected to be around $2,500 ($1,950 for the camera + $575 for the EVF).

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  • Andrey Zheludkov

    Price over $2500?? Not overpriced?

  • Andrey Zheludkov

    EVF Typ 020 is not SL EVF(((((

    • Did I say that it is?

  • tjholowaychuk

    Used to Leicas having sharp lines, the top plate of this looks really funky, looks ok in black I guess

  • CKho

    Why Leica do Elec shutter for TL2, Mech shutter for CL, Would you guys suggest?

    • Les

      I suspect that the shutter specs will be exactly the same as the TL2: mechanical shutter, with the possibility of using electronic shutter for high-speed bursts (up-to 20fps) and extremely short shutter speeds. In other words, almost nobody will use the electronic shutter, but it will be there if you care to experiment.

      The exception is, of course, video. The mechanical shutter is not used in that mode.

      • CKho

        Thanks, Les


    this is a frankenstain of a camera with nothing new, not appealing at all!

  • I suppose it is growing on me….curious about that top LCD. Any ideas what info it will show?

  • William Bridge

    If this camera is 2500 euros new…or more…i would rather go for a second hand SL for 1000 euros more and get a real camera.

    • John-F

      According to the Leica Forum, this new Leica CL might require a new external EVF, in which case, yes, the total suggested retail price would end up around $2500.

      But if the Leica CL includes a built-in EVF – which is very likely – then the (MSRP) price should be much lower, maybe around $1900 US.

      Personally, I would like to see Leica adopt the new (10-bit) HEiF file format, as introduced in the latest iPhone 8 and X.

      • The Leica CL will have a built-in EVF.

      • El Aura

        You mean a Leica CL with built-in EVF should be cheaper than the TL2 (MSRP $1950) without an EVF?

  • kahiri78

    Top plate looks kinda weird. Very “un-Leica”. No more sharp lines/clean top plate like previous ones.

  • Haozhe Xu

    “The price of the new Leica CL camera is expected to be around $2,500 ($1,950 for the camera + $575 for the EVF).”
    Isn’t the EVF built-in?

    • FountainHead

      He’s comparing it to the TL package.

    • Yes, it is – I am just calculating the price based on the info provided in the Leica forum: “Price slightly more than that of current TL2 + external EVF”

  • eric

    I was in a Leica store in Tokyo, Japan the other day and saw photos on the wall taken with the Leica X, couldn’t believe how good they looked. I wish Leica would update the X line, but if not i may look into getting an older version. I don’t really understand making a CL if there is already a T.

    • Tim Rule

      Remember how much Leica X cost? The new CL plus lens, which you need, will likely set you back an _additional_ 1800€/$.

      That is why Leica is making a CL.

      There are very few high quality fixed lens cameras on the market these days. And perhaps none with the class and style of the last X cameras – OK, exception is the Q.

    • DS

      I am with you, I love my Leica X – just wish they would update it, if they added an EVF, a better AF, and a sensor with a broader range – then I would sold, hell I would take two of the above and still buy it.

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