The next Huawei P11 smartphone could have a 40MP triple-camera module co-developed with Leica

The next Huawei P11 smartphone could have a 40MP triple-camera module (with 5x hybrid zoom) + 24MP selfie, all Leica-co-developed:

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  • 3foot1

    I’ll take that sensor in the D-Lux 200, please.


    Leica whoring itself out to 2nd rate Chinese consumer electronics companies… sad

    • El Aura

      Is there a 1st rate Chinese consumer electronics
      company? Otherwise this would be a tautology.

      • FOODJI


      • Marc

        Actually I think you mean “oxymoron” … and yes, there are some excellent ones

        • El Aura

          No, my point was that if all Chinese consumer electronics companies are 2nd rate, then the “2nd rate” in “2nd rate Chinese consumer electronics companies” is superfluous.


          the unnecessary and usually unintentional use of two words to express one meaning

    • Marc

      Like have been “whoring” themselves out with pointless special editions and character merchandising on bags and straps and other baubles for a very long time.

      Their cameras are very high quality but Leica’s brand management function is probably one of the most active (pro rata their size) in the industry.

      • freediverx

        That’s what happens when you’re beholden to shareholders. Leica’s saving grace is that a majority share of the company is owned by the family—and they have a 100 year outlook rather than seeking short term profit taking.

    • Charles

      The mobile phone cameras are by far the largest sector of the camera market.
      Leica can’t possibly produce a respectable phone alone, to compete with Samsung and Apple.
      If this is the way that Leica can sell cameras into the largest sector of the market, so it can continue making other Leicas for us, then that is fine by me.
      No, it is not whoring itself out to a Chinese electronics company: it is entering a symbiotic strategic alliance to sell Leica-designed glass into a sector it could never otherwise access.

  • Simon

    Can someone explain to me why 24 MP is fine for a full-frame camera but 40 MP is needed for a smartphone?

    • Les

      It sounds like the 40MP may be split between the three lenses, say 20MP colour, and 10MP each B&W and telephoto. You wouldn’t use all that information for any individual image, but it will be handy for onboard processing. For instance, the B&W image can be used to lower noise levels in low light (always an issue with smartphones), or the parallax between images can be used to place focus.

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