Camera Works is a new Leica repair & customization service in the UK

A reader emailed me about a new Leica repair & customization service based in the UK called Camera Works ( They recently did this custom black paint Leica M6 classic camera upgrading all parts to brass:

Leica M6, Leitz Wetzlar, 1986, custom repaint 2017. Custom flat black repaint and rebuild using all brass parts (top plate from Titanium M6 classic) by Cameraworks. Details: Leitz badge repainted, engravings filled in black, strap lugs and lens release button painted, camera leather replaced.

Backdoor painted in black to match, eyepiece upgraded to all metal part, flash synch painted.

Frame counter repainted, engravings on speed dial and hot-shoe left unfilled, shutter button painted. Shutter speed dial, lens button surround and rewind crank upgraded to brass parts and painted.

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  • M. van Zuijdam

    I have had the most perfect service from Alan Starkie/Cameraworks. They serviced my light leaky, out-of-adjustment and faulty M4-2 to become my most loved camera, though I didn’t expect that last one to happen :p.

    The viewfinder is now cristal clear and the rangefinderpatch is again bright and proper calibrated and the feel to the mechanics in the camera is just like new. I would say the quality is on parr or better than W. van Manen/Camera-service in The Netherlands and prices are very competitive. Within three weeks the camera was back at my doorstep, sending it from The Netherlands.

  • Simon

    Completely understand the “uninspired by the corporate life” narrative. Congrats to Alan for following his passion.

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