Yes, you can make a billboard from a Leica M10 image

"Yes, you can make a billboard from a Leica M10 image" by Pep W:

I've shot numerous billboards over the years usually shooting with a medium format camera because of their amazing image quality. A couple months ago I was asked my good friend artist RETNA to shoot his next billboard for his brand MARGRAVES. I brought along a Leica Monochrom 246. We wanted something black and white so obviously, the Monochrom images were chosen. The billboard looked amazing. I was asked to shoot the next one and they wanted color. So I decided since the Monochrom worked so well why not use the M10 for this particular shoot.

We all know the M10 shoots amazing images but when we had to crop over 2/3's of the image for it to fit perfectly for the 14x49 ft billboard layout I was a little worried but there was no way to go back and reshoot. So we cropped it and sent it in. The billboard company said the file is fine. So I said ok but until I see it I won't be at ease. When it went up early this week and I drove to the corner of Beverly and Cresent Heights and looked up I was blown away. The image was super cool but what blew me away most was how the M10 came through. So the next time someone asks you what's the quality is like on the M10 tell them you can easily shoot a 14x49 ft billboard with a cropped file and still have an amazingly sharp and flawless image.

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