The Leica D-LUX Typ 109 camera is now $200 off

After the D-Lux 7 announcement, the price of the Leica D-Lux Typ 109 camera dropped by $200 in the US: Adorama | B&H | Amazon.

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A foot in Tibet: the Labrang Monastery

A foot in Tibet - the Labrang Monastery is by Pierre Alivon (websiteFacebook):

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The latest Leica accessories from Angelo Pelle, Rock n Roll, Vi Vante, Kenji Leather and Tekiac

Angelo Pelle has created new sneakers for street photographers.

Rock n Roll has a new line of camera bags.

New camera straps from Vi Vante and Leica Sofort cases from Kenji Leather.

Tekiac has a new Leica CL stealth cover.

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B&H Photo: Depth of Field Conference

B&H Photo has an upcoming Depth of Field Conference on February 5th - 6th, 2019. Registration and live streaming are free (you still need to register):

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Leica digest

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Interesting: back in 1968 LHSA reported Leica rumors in their newsletter

A reader sent me an old issue of the LHSA newsletter from 1968, and yes - they also had Leica rumors back in 1968:

  • 1968 Photokina: "Lufthansa has a 15 day tour for only $338 including 1000 Km of driving in a VW1300"
  • Leica rumors from 1968: "Our rumor for this issue is a new take up spool like M4 spool will be soon released for all M series Leicas. It will permit the same type of loading M4 features. This will be a most welcome accessory."
  • Gold Leicas: "Alfredo's Camera Shop in New Orleans is gold plating M4s for sale by Neiman-Marcus in Dallas."
  • 90mm f/1.0 lens in 1968: "E. Leitz, Midland has shown a 90mm f/1.0 lens"

Here is the scan (click for larger view)

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Very interesting hints about future Leica products

Mike Amos from attended the LHSA meetings in Wetzlar last year and contacted me regarding some very interesting hints about upcoming Leica products:

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