Leica M9 Titanium limited edition is currently being unveiled at the “Leica Design Preview” (*updated*)

Leica M9 Titanium limited edition will be limited to 500 pieces. Made out of solid titanium. It will cost an arm and a leg - probably more expensive than the Leica S2 (update: the price of the Leica M9 Titanium set will be 22,000 EUR). The frame lines will be illuminated by LED. The hand strap will come in two sizes. There will be also a newly designed holster. More details coming soon.

click on image for larger view


See more details of the Leica M9 Titanium:

Here are some twitpics from the unveiling:

Here is the Leica M9 Titanium  #leicadesignpreview #leica #ph... on Twitpic Family picture with Leica M9 Titanium  #leicadesignpreview #l... on Twitpic The M9 Titanium up close on Twitpic Stefan Daniel, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann and Walter de Silva with ... on Twitpic Ah - a close up of the new Leica M9 Titanium  #leicadesignpre... on Twitpic More Leica M9 Titanium porn ;)  #leicadesignpreview #leica #p... on Twitpic Official image: Leica M9 Titanium top  #leicadesignpreview on Twitpic Official image: Leica M9 Titanium back  #leicadesignpreview on Twitpic Official image: Leica M9 Titanium  #leicadesignpreview on Twitpic

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  • Borbarad

    Hmmm.. looks ugly compared to Chrome Leica M9. But interesting the LED thingy.

    But there is a part missing from the usual Rangefinder Viewfinder.. hmm a Fuji X100 solution coming from Leica as well…?


  • Neely Fallon

    ugh! seriously. the new concept is a crappy strap held in place by one point of connection.

    and I say this as a Leica M9 owner.

    well at least the Japanese still know how to innovate. looking forward to the Fuji X100.

    • err… as a m9 owner, this was what i was afraid of.. a posh thing rather than anything for the common shooter..

      well i guess now we know why there is 500 35mm Lux missing from the market…

      way to go leica! ..


  • Markus

    Now that is one ugly camera.

  • Tyson Call

    Things like this make me ashamed to shoot Leica.

  • maiko

    Ugly as hell!

    It certainly looks like a VW… specially the ‘leather’. Looks like they just bulked the top plate in order to ‘clean’ it… as I said, like they are doing at VW. They’re adding the design by styling the housing… instead of integrating it.

    Ourgh… the logo… that is what we’re calling ‘proll’ in Germany.

  • patrick

    look, its a digital M5!

  • Sander van Hulsenbee

    Now that is but-ugly 🙁

  • Sander v. Hulsenbeek

    Now that is but-ugly 🙁

  • John

    Good, now I do not want one.

  • Stepper

    I’m going to be polite and just say…

    • Mato34


      I’m going to be polite and just say…
      22,000 EUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stepper

    Between this and the X100 it looks like a Rangefinder that takes zoom lenses might be around the corner. Animated crop marks in viewfinder can make this all possible.
    But in all truth, I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about this possibility.

    • Stepper

      Wait a minute… Maybe the soon to be announced EVIL-R-lens-toting Leica is going to feature just that! Animated crop marks on a rangefinder that takes R-lenses, zoom or prime.

  • Eric

    Any better evidence why Leica has been in trouble? They need to hire Apple to help them learn a bit about design. Holy smokes what an abomination.

  • Lainer

    That is the ugliest camera I’ve seen in a long time. Seriously! What is Leica thinking? Someone with a clue needs to go in there and revamp that company.

  • skinnfell

    Are you kidding me??


    It looks like a cheap chinese copy from top to bottom. Even the Leica logo dot looks fake.
    22 000 for this is just mind boggling.

    • Stan

      The Chinese are offended by your comment.

      The Chinese will never make such a fugly copy. 🙂

  • Dave

    While Fuji is building cameras that look like classic Leicas, Leica is busy taking all the “classic” out of the m9.


    • M!


  • maxim

    ex designer was fired?

  • eric

    i think it looks fine, more like a companion to an apple product , its made of titanium , so it has that weird color to it. remember old power books?

    • Stepper

      I guess. Snap off that rubber band looking leather strap and it might be ok for the guy who also likes digital Omega’s and Breitling’s.

      The strap isn’t even adjustable for pete’s sake!

  • Jei

    Wonder if this is the new style of finder illumination? I can’t imagine they would develop a system like this and then use it only on a special edition camera. Interesting but kinda takes away from the design of the camera.

    Overall I think the titan looks a bit ugly. The M8 and M9 look far more classy. Hopefully I can see one at Photokina this week, check it out in real life. Maybe it will look better.

    • If they need some design inspiration they should just make a digital version of a Contax G2 and call it a Leica…

      • usf


  • ihavenonameatall

    500*$22k=$11M. Even if the net profit margin, after distribution and marketing costs, was 50%, seems like you’d use Photokina to market something with a bit more market appeal…something with more than 500 units available to sell. I hope there’s something more to be made available to people who use the cameras they buy.

    Also, we all know that digital technology is expanding rapidly. I’m not sure of the residual value of outdated digicams will be. I know that some nut will buy anything with a red dot, but let’s be honest here…

    Frankly, announcing this sort of expensive camera makes me even more petrified to walk around with my M9+bag of lenses. I already know I’m a target, but this scares the crap out of me.

  • Nobody Special

    A new(ish) design or mechanical/electronic changes while there is still an M9 being produced (without the features of the Special Edition M9) that people are still waiting to be delivered to them after putting down deposits……….. What???????

    Forty Years using Leicas, and this is the biggest bad idea for them yet. Never mind that the R users are still waiting for a digital FF solution….maybe they’re still going to suprise us with something bt really, totally not impressed. The importance of collectables in Leica history is a waste to those waiting for relevant, useable products.

  • losinginterest

    Leica — the Franklin Mint of Germany

  • Robert

    Hmz, Think I’m the only one here, but I like it a lot.
    Looks just awesome

    • Kyle Batson

      You’re not the only one. I like it too.

  • Patrick

    OMG!!!!! That’s it !!!! And look at them all standing around like they accomplished something I am embarrassed. Stuff like this really really makes me question my investment in their products. Seriously if you don’t have shit to announce don’t do something stupid like this. Better to do nothing cause this screams “I ain’t got nothing”

    • Nobody Special

      Oh yes indeedee! One can almost imagine it happening like this,,,,,,

      “Hey! look at us! We were all sitting around at a cocktail party one night and came up with this neat idea! Aren’t we special!!!!!”

      Then, later on, “whats a Fuji X100?”

  • Gosh

    22.000 euros ? they really should stop meth at Leica…

  • nobody

    I like Leica, but this was the last nail in their coffin. They are done. Just watch.

    • Nobody Special

      TWO YEARS AGO they said that an R SOLUTION WAS COMING – instead of keeping users and system owners happy – they pull a bad PR stunt – and all they had to do was SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE R SOLUTION!

      Hello! Leica! ARE YOU LISTENING????? If they say nothing for the next five days while Fuji shows something they can’t, well I hope Fuji comes out with an X200 that is FF and has interchangeable lenses – then it’s bye, bye, Leica.

  • Smell the Love

    Sad to see this was the main “thing” for Leica’s event today. What a disappointment! I love my M9, but this looking for coverage regarding today’s event left me feeling taken… a TitM9 is all they have to trot out? I wish Leica would announce more useful products other than limited edition vanity cameras. That Fuji X100 sure made my morning….. why can’t Leica out-Leica Fuji? Sheesh!!

  • Peter

    Yep…. that sure is an ugly camera. The hand strap looks tacky.

    What a terrible waste of titanium.

    They were doing so well with the M9….. looks like they haven’t heard the old saying…

    “if it ain’t broke…..”

    • Nobody Special

      But it was designed by Walter d’ Silva! – he designs cars! So of course he can design a camera.

      Why on earth did Leica have to do all that build up? Boy, I can’t understand any of this one. The more I think of it the weirder it gets.

      • Peter

        So it does well in a wind tunnel?

  • Personally I think this is a nice camera, but even if I had the money to buy it I can’t imagine myself shooting “street” with that… or going to some difficult place for making documentary. There’s something indecent in its price and I will be totally ashamed by taking pictures of people that don’t earn $22 000 in their entire lives. So, that will be useless for me.

  • Not So Special Too

    Nobody Special got it right in my book when he wrote:

    “The importance of collectibles in Leica history is a waste to those waiting for relevant, usable products.”

    I just recently sold much of my M kit thinking that I’d immediately regret the decision and be scheming to get it all back ASAP. I LOVE the M system but had to go another direction professionally.

    After seeing these types of announcements and considering the future I am convinced that, as a working photographer, investing another penny into any of Leica’s systems would be foolish (for me).

    Worst part is that, today, with this post, I became “that guy” bitching about Leica. Never thought I would be but after looking at this thing all I can think of is that this is a titanium “idol” designed for people worried about acquiring status symbols and I no longer want any part of the company behind it.

    • Nobody Special

      There are many of us that have hung on to Leica for years because of the simple usability of their products – they may not have had the latest gadgets, but they worked, and worked, and worked. There were PLENTY of times along the way when we may have wanted something newish that we all new they probably wouldn’t do because they were SO broke. There were occasional ‘bitching hours’ but Leica never went over the top with self-serving aren’t we special presentations – money or not.

      But with one stroke yesterday and now going into the opening day, they still have said NOTHING ABOUT THE MYTHICAL R SOLUTION THEY PROMISED. What may I ask, is so hard about SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT IT? WAKE UP LEICA.

  • M!

    I posted something on an automotive forum on seeing the “Limited Edition” Porsche Speedster (356 copies at €201,682 apiece).

    Very similar to the Leica’s marketing and profiteering scheme. (500 X 22k euro = 11M euro)

    “again, some tactical german gimmicky rip off. (After reading the 22,000 EUR Leica M9 Titanium). so let’s do the math here for Porsche: 356 x €201,682 = €72M to fill the hole it was digging when trying to swallow VW. Quite quick cash for just some fancy body work and a name plate.

    Read more: http://www.worldcarfans.com/110092128502/2011-porsche-911-speedster-revealed-video#commentform#ixzz109DuLZDy

  • R!

    yep!ciutie.I m waitin a M10 & R10 personally,hope it comes in pink LV for you swettie!!

  • jbour

    This is utterly tasteless and obscene.

  • bb

    from the other m9 titan above…..the third ans forth pics shows the new M9???????????????????????????????????????????????? maybe that’ll b the M9.2….well…..looks soooo much better than this ugly thing…………………. but….where did they put the hot shoes……..anyone know anything abt this?…i’m planning to order the m9…but if those cameras in the pictures are really the m9.2 or something…i’ll wait…

  • Oh, Leica’s new Compact Digital Camera ! No ? That is M9 for kids ! ┐(-。ー;)┌

  • Bruce

    In Australia we have a phrase for things this ugly… “it’s Dingo ugly”. Truly awful IMHO. Surely this ranks right up there on the ugly index with the M5. A Japanese collector friend of mine (I’m in Tokyo at the moment) cringed when I showed him this. Oh dear…

  • Jose

    Over-designed on the exterior and not enough done on the interior to bring it up to speed.
    It is like if Morgan claimed to have modernized a plus8 by adding a digital clock, electric windows and a rear wing, leaving the ash wood chassis untouched…
    This is a farcical camera for new billionaires with diamond encrusted gold watches, only interested in having the most expensive camera.
    Not good

  • Ostrich

    Where is the faux ostrich leather? NOW I am disappointed!

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