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Leitz Park 2018 opening event videos and pictures

Some new videos of the new Leitz Park opening event:

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Deal of the day: buy a Leica CL camera, get a free Leica M-L adapter

Leica USA has a new promotion – you will get a free Leica M-L adapter (Leica M-Adapter-L, $395 value) with the purchase of a new Leica CL mirrorless camera: B&H Adorama PopFlash Leica Store Miami Leica Store Soho Tamarkin Classic Connection Ken Hansen This offer is valid until September 30, 2018. Via @PhotogDeals

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Where is the rumored new Leica CM mirrorless camera?

Leica did not announce a new mirrorless camera last week as indicated by Dr. Kaufmann a few months ago. I still believe such new camera is coming and most likely got delayed. I would like to also remind you that Leica still has one more registered but not yet announced digital camera under the code name 4529:

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Leica D-Lux vs. Leica C-Lux

Both the Leica D-Lux (left) and Leica C-Lux (right) are priced slightly above $1,000 – which one would you buy today? Here is a poll: Leica D-Lux vs. Leica C-Lux – which one would you buy today? A quick specs comparison between the Leica D-Lux and Leica C-Lux:

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The new Leitz Park in Wetzlar

Some additional information on the new Leitz Park in Wetzlar:

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Father’s Day Leica gift ideas

Father’s Day Leica gift ideas: Leica M3 vintage replica camera tin Wooden Leica camera Red aluminum M-mount body cap Leica M10 USB stick Minox camera FotodioX Leica M replica crystal camera Leica camera plate/sign Leica pillows Leica ceramic coffee mug Leica cufflinks Leica leather collection Leica 0.95 collection Leica T-shirts at B&H & Leica Store Miami Ur-Leica […]

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More info on the Ernst Leitz Werkstätten and the new Leica watches

When the new Leica watches were officially announced, the website was offline. The site is now live and you can get some additional information on the new Leica L1 and L2 watches and Ernst Leitz Werkstätten in the form of an interview with Dr. Andreas Kaufmann:

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