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Rock n Roll Hendrix strap now available also for Leica SL and Leica S cameras

  The Rock n Roll Hendrix strap is now available also for the heavier Leica SL and Leica S cameras. The Hendrix SL straps come in black and cigar brown leather and are available in two different lengths: 100cm and 125cm. The width of the strap is 24mm.

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New Sinar S-CS adapter for Leica S lenses

Sinar announced a new S-CS adapter for Leica S lenses:

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Match Technical EP-CL Thumbs Up for Leica CL now available

Match Technical released their new EP-CL Thumbs Up for the Leica CL mirrorless cameras: B&H PopFlash Leica Store Miami The Leica CL mirrorless camera is currently in stock in the US at: B&H Adorama Leica Store San Francisco Classic Connection (see also zoom lens kit) PopFlash Like the new Leica CL Facebook page and the Leica TL2 Facebook page

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Ruggard electronic dry cabinets now available in larger sizes, currently on sale

The Ruggard electronic dry cabinets are now available in three new large sizes (120L, 180L and 600L in addition to the already existing 30L, 50L and 80L versions) and they are all currently on sale (up to $300 off): First look of the new Ruggard electronic dry cabinet for camera and lens storage

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New Rock n Roll Riviera camera straps

The new Rock n Roll Riviera straps are made from two layers of leather. The outside leather is with grain structure and the under part is suede. Riviera straps are hand-cut and stitched by hand. A line of straps that remind the Italian style we see in the films of the  50s and 60s. Six different […]

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New: Rock n Roll Hendrix camera straps

A new line of Rock n Roll Hendrix camera straps were just announced:

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Leica digest: new M10 leather case, brass ventilated lens hoods, 75mm Noctilux review and more

  → New LIM Design leather case for Leica M10 with built-in metal grip and Alcatel Swiss compatible plate (available for sale on eBay).   → Leica MP and Voigtländer 50mm f/3.5 Heliar lens. → Thorsten’s ventilated lens hoods are now available also in brass. → Kristian Dowling reviews the new Leica Noctilux M 75mm f/1.25 […]

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