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Is that the rumored Leica Q3 camera?

We already got the first Leica Q3 camera rumors from one of the official Leica M11 videos. Here is another, even better Leica Q3 Easter egg: the above picture is part of the latest Leica FOTOS app – the camera displayed looks like a Leica Q but with a different position of the side buttons […]

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Four new Leica cameras to be announced in 2022?

One of the Leica M11 videos I posted yesterday shows the Leica head designer Mark Shipard walking into the Design Studio in Munich “where Leicas of the future are created“. On the wall behind him, you can see a long line of different camera models showing the past iterations of the S, SL, Q, and […]

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Leica digest #54

→ Leica Q3 camera concept with articulating screen and ISO dial on top – what do you think? → Leica Summit 20 tickets are now available (will take place in Switzerland). → 2020 Leica Oskar Barnack Award announced. → See what’s coming to the Ernst Leitz Museum.

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