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Leica M10 lens reports/reviews

      Just a quick recap on the Leica M10 lens reports I have done in the past few months (I have two more lens reports coming, stay tuned):

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Leica M9 rangefinder camera review

Leica M9 Rangefinder Review by Carl Garrard: Leica M9 Rangefinder Review: Since I’ve decided to switch to a rangefinder as my main camera system, life has been simpler. My creativity along with my passion for photography, seem in full swing again. Sometimes I reflect with a heavy heart when I realize that I almost lost both […]

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Leica M8 Rangefinder: Diary of Realigned Obsession

Leica M8 Rangefinder: Diary of Realigned Obsession by Carl Garrard: Today’s article reveals a personal confession of a past gear obsession and a subsequent simultaneous realignment of priorities. This article is more about photography than a review of a camera, but we’ll get into that in a bit. My purpose here with publishing this article […]

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7Artisian 50mm f/1.1 lens for Leica M-mount first impression by Sagi Kortler

This first impressions report of the 7Artisian 50mm f/1.1 lens ($369) on a Leica M9 camera is by Sagi Kortler:

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Kenji leather case for Leica M10 camera

In a LeicaRumors post from March I covered several different half cases for the Leica M10 camera and a few weeks later I was contacted by Kenji Leather to try their latest Leica M10 leather case in a military camouflage dark blue color. Here is my quick hands-on:

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My new Leica M10 macro/product photography setup

The last time I had to do some product shots, I realized my setup sucks – this is what I had – an old light shed with some DIY external lights: You can tell from the picture above that the tent was falling apart. I was just using whatever lighting I could find in the […]

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First look of the new Ruggard electronic dry cabinet for camera and lens storage

Here is some additional information on the new Ruggard electronic dry cabinets used to prevent fungus on lenses and cameras (initially reported here):

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