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Leica Q3 rumored for 2023 with 60MP sensor

A new Leica Q3 camera is expected to be announced next year (2023) and it is rumored to have a 60MP sensor. Of course, given the current geopolitical situation and the ongoing shortages, the Q3 could be postponed. So far there are no indications that Leica is considering a different focal length for the Q3. […]

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Leica Q3 camera concept… with a 50mm lens

This is Carsten Burmeister’s take on the Leica Q3 camera wiht a 50mm lens:

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Leica Q3 or Leica QL or a new Leica X?

It seems that Leica already removed the leaked Q3 image from Leica FOTOS in their latest app update. Or maybe this was not a leaked Q3 but a leaked Leica QL APS-C camera with a fixed lens – a new baby Q? Just like the original Leica X from 2009, which I was a big […]

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Is that the rumored Leica Q3 camera?

We already got the first Leica Q3 camera rumors from one of the official Leica M11 videos. Here is another, even better Leica Q3 Easter egg: the above picture is part of the latest Leica FOTOS app – the camera displayed looks like a Leica Q but with a different position of the side buttons […]

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Four new Leica cameras to be announced in 2022?

One of the Leica M11 videos I posted yesterday shows the Leica head designer Mark Shipard walking into the Design Studio in Munich “where Leicas of the future are created“. On the wall behind him, you can see a long line of different camera models showing the past iterations of the S, SL, Q, and […]

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Leica Q3 camera concept design

Check out this Leica camera concept design from Big and sharp 4.4 MP EVF unit with magnification ratio of 0.77x Fixed Summilux Lens with 23mm & 35mm focal length switch. Fixed touchscreen unit. Aluminum rotary knob on top-left to change the ISO and shutter speed settings. Dedicated Exposure compensation dial [ +3 , -3 ] […]

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