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Leica TL2 camera not listed on the official L-mount website

After the discounts from a few months ago, some Leica TL2 camera configurations are still available for sale at Adorama and B&H. The Leica TL2 is still listed on the official Leica website, but only the silver version is available for sale. The official L-mount website does not list the Leica TL2 in the list […]

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The Leicavit-M rapid manual film advance winder is now discontinued

I received several tips that the Leicavit-M rapid manual film advance winder is now discontinued and is no longer in production – currently, Classic Connection and Leica Miami have it in stock, Adorama lists the Leicavit as “no longer available”, while B&H lists it as a special order:

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Leica M10 and Leica M10-D cameras discontinued

A quick update on my previous post – in addition to the Leica M10, M10-P, M10-D and Monochrom Typ 246 price drops, Reddotforum also reports that the Leica M10 and Leica M10-D cameras are now discontinued: Update – the Leica M10 camera is now discontinued also at B&H Photo:

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Leica M10 silver camera listed as discontinued at B&H. on “closeout” at Adorama

B&H sent out emails that the Leica M10 silver camera is now discontinued (click for larger view): I am not sure if this is a mistake since the silver model is currently in stock at Adorama. Update – the listing at Adorama actually says “closeout“, so I guess the silver Leica M10 is really going to be […]

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Confirmed: 7 Leica M lenses and accessories are discontinued

I took some heat from readers when I reported last week that several Leica M lenses will be discontinued. Guess what? It’s all official now. As I already mentioned, the list is actually longer and it includes accessories – here it is:

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Several Leica M lenses are no longer in production and cannot be ordered

Fotogoerlitz (www.fotogoerlitz.de) informed that the following Leica M lenses are no more available – apparently, the lenses are no longer in production: Leica Super-Elmar-M 18mm f/3.8 ASPH Leica Summilux-M 24mm f/1.4 ASPH Leica Elmar-M 24mm f/3.8 ASPH The complete Summarit M lens line (35mm + 50mm + 75mm + 90mm) There could be more lenses that […]

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Leica CL camera being discontinued?

In addition to the Leica TL2 price drop in Germany, I reported last week, the price of the Leica CL camera has also been slashed in The Netherlands (Cameraland, Fotokonijnenberg, Kamera Express). In the US, only the Leica CL with the 18mm lens combo has been reduced by $995 (22% off): In addition, several CL configurations […]

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Leica M-E Typ 240 camera listed as discontinued

    The Leica M-E Typ 240 camera that was announced in June last year is now listed as discontinued at B&H and is on backorder at Adorama:

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