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It seems that the Leica CL/TL systems are now officially discontinued

I have been reporting for a while about Leica discontinuing the CL/TL product lines and it seems that this is now officially confirmed by Leica AG according to this forum post (you can still find the Leica CL in stock at Amazon):

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Leica Q3 or Leica QL or a new Leica X?

It seems that Leica already removed the leaked Q3 image from Leica FOTOS in their latest app update. Or maybe this was not a leaked Q3 but a leaked Leica QL APS-C camera with a fixed lens – a new baby Q? Just like the original Leica X from 2009, which I was a big […]

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Did Leica discontinue their APS-C camera product line? (CL/TL)

Cropped sensors have an inherent resolution limitation – just ask Olympus about that… This is even more important today, as more manufacturers are coming with 60MP cameras. We had some rumors in the past about a new Leica APS-C camera. Based on what the Leica Design Studio in Munich is working on and a few […]

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First Leica CL2 camera rumors

Here are the first Leica CL2 mirrorless camera rumors (the CL2 will replace the current CL model pictured above): 26MP BSI APS-C sensor (probably from Sony) OLED screen with 3.6 million dots Image stabilization Weather sealing New/updated camera design/style Joystick controller Expected shipping: April 2021 Expected price: around €2,700 (over $3,00) All Topaz Labs products: 30% […]

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