The latest Leica videos

Leica photographer Michael Agel, COOPH presents a masterclass on how to take amazing photos of concerts.

Leica M Typ 262 + Leica Summicron 35mm f/2 review

Rui Pires "Momentos Rurais Leica"

Leica CL - review and sample photos

More LOBA 2018 finalist videos:

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Leica Elpro E52 close up lens set announced

Leica announced the previously rumored Elpro E52 close up lens set. The Leica Elpro set consists of two elements with multilayer antireflective coating that attach to a lens like a filter and reduce the minimum focusing distance when shooting. Adapters for 46mm and 49mm lenses are also included:

"Excited to share that Leica Camera has created a new close-up attachment in the Leica Camera accessories portfolio.

The Leica Elpro 52 will expand upon the capabilities of selected Leica M- and TL-Lenses, making them more suitable for macro photography. The shallow depth of focus opens up new opportunities for incredibly detailed photography while still giving images a soft effect in the out of focus areas.

This lens holds true to the standard focusing and aperture settings Leica is known for, and ensures a light-weight and compact style as to not interfere with the lens handling while mounted.

The lens is on sale now for $395 complete with two stepping ring adapters for 46 mm and 49 mm filter threads, which allow the attachment to be mounted on more than 20 different Leica M- and TL-Lenses."

For pricing ($395/€355) and availability, check one of our sponsors:

US Worldwide
Leica Boutique Palm Beach
Leica Store Soho
Leica Store Miami
Classic Connection
Ken Hansen
Meister Camera (Germany)
Leica Store Lisse (Netherlands)
Reddotcameras (UK)
M&K Kamera (Hong Kong)
Rangefinder (Hong Kong)
Map Camera (Japan)
Leica Boutique Montreal (Canada)

Here is the list of compatible lenses and a few sample photos (see PDF file):

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Leica L1 and L2 watches additional (video) coverage

Some additional (video) coverage of the new Leica L1 and L2 watches:

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Updated list of upcoming/rumored Leica cameras and lenses

Here is an updated list of upcoming/rumored Leica cameras and lenses (see the previous lists here):

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Some of you probably remember the first web design of LeicaRumors

On this day 10 years ago I started I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the LeicaRumors family over the past decade!

In the past 10 years LeicaRumors had 3,534 blog posts and 32,619 comments.

You can follow LeicaRumors on the various social media platforms:

For a limited time the Leica M3 vintage replica camera tins and red painted aluminum Leica M-mount body caps will be on sale for $29 each (with $5 worldwide shipping and handling):

LeicaRumors Anniversary Sale

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Leica M10-P European pricing leaked

I received some European pricing for the upcoming/rumored Leica M10-P camera:

  • 20021 LEICA M10-P black chrome finish: €7,500
  • 20022 LEICA M10-P silver chrome finish: €7,500

I assume 20021 and 20022 are the product numbers. There is supposed to be also two more M10-P models: 20025 and 20026 marked with the label "IN" - not sure what exactly that stands for.

€7,500 is currently almost $8,700 - I assume the US price will be at least $8,000. For comparison, the Leica M10 is currently $7,295 in the US.

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New Leica Store Melbourne coming in November 2018

A reader sent me some pictures of the upcoming Leica Store Melbourne that is supposed to be opened in November 2018 - it will be located on the 1st level of 260 Collins St, Melbourne.

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