Sell or trade your used equipment to Adorama

Sell or trade your used equipment to Adorama – this is how it works:

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Get one of those USB-C rubber caps for your Leica M11 exposed port

If you already own a Leica M11 camera, you probably know about that ugly exposed USB-C port on the bottom… Open ports are never a good idea for cameras and most companies provide nice plastic flip covers that last forever:

Well, Leica doesn’t, but you can buy a third-party rubber cap at B&H Photo or Amazon that perfectly fit the M11 port:

See also this Leica M11 Facebook Group post about the Sound Devices USB-C-CAP rubber cap:

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More Techart LM-EA9 AF adapter reviews (Leica M lens to Sony camera gen 2)

Here are some additional videos of the new Techart LM-EA9 AF lens adapter gen 2 (Leica M lens to Sony camera gen 2) that can be purchased at B&H, eBay, and Amazon US (coming soon also to Amazon DE, UK, FR, IT, and ES):

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This Leica look-alike “Paper Shoot Camera” is now on sale

This Leica look-alike “Paper Shoot Camerais currently on sale at B&H Photo:

Key features:

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The latest news from Topaz, Skylum, and ON1

Topaz Labs is working on a new app called Photo AI that will incorporate DeNoise AISharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI into one software package. This new product will likely replace the current Topaz Labs Image Quality Bundle that is currently on sale ($99 off, get an additional 15% off with promo code IQBUNDLE15). If you purchase the Topaz Labs Image Quality Bundle today, you will get the new Topaz Photo AI app for free when released in September.

Skylum released Luminar Neo 1.2.0 with the first-ever HDR merge extension, dodge & burn tool, bug fixes, stability improvements, and more. The full press release can be found here (you can use code RUMORSNEO for $10 off).

ON1 Software posted a new technology preview video on what’s ahead for the ON Photo RAW product line and what’s coming next.

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LeicaRumors email subscription no longer available, looking for alternatives

The LeicaRumors email subscription is no longer available. Google decided to kill the service (called Feedburner) I have been using for 15+ years. While I am looking for an alternative solution, you can follow the latest LeicaRumors blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed:

I assume at some point Google will also kill the Feedburner RSS feed, so it could be a good idea to switch now to the default

LeicaRumors can also be found on Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr but I am not very active on those channels:


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Meike announced new MK-L-AF1 macro extension AF tubes for Leica L-mount

Meike announced new MK-L-AF1 macro extension AF tubes for Leica L-mount:

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Leica L1 and L2 watches currently in stock at Leica Store LA

I was told that a very limited number of Leica L1 and L2 watches are currently in stock at Leica Store LA – the only location in the US that sells the new Leica watches (the L1 costs $10,000 and the L2 is $14,000):

The wait time for the Leica watch is usually several months and I am sure the few available pieces will sell out quickly. You can call Leica Store LA at +1 424-777-0341 or email them at

Leica L2 watch hands-on review

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