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Leica M10

Leica M10 now in stock

Several Leica M10 cameras are currently in stock at a regular price ($6,895): 1 x black Leica M10 @ Amazon 1 x black Leica M10 @ Focus Camera 1 x black & 1 x silver Leica M10 @ PopFlash Leica Center Stockholm

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Leica M10 lens reports/reviews

      Just a quick recap on the Leica M10 lens reports I have done in the past few months (I have two more lens reports coming, stay tuned):

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One silver and one black Leica M10 cameras now in stock at Amazon

The Leica M10 camera is currently in stock at Amazon (one silver and one black): Silver Leica M10 (SOLD OUT) Black Leica M10 (SOLD OUT) Both cameras are sold via the Leica Store San Francisco.

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The latest Leica accessories

→ The Really Right Stuff L-plate and grip for Leica M10 are now in stock. → New: UHL “Blackbird” for Leica M. Built for use with almost every M, past and present (except M5). → MZero cases for Leica M10 cameras. → New camera bags from Gitzo and Oberwerth.

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Capture One 10.2 released with preliminary Leica M10 support

Capture One 10.2 released with support for the following Leica cameras and lenses: Leica M Monochrome Leica M10 (Preliminary) Leica M-P Leica Elmar-M 24mm f/3.8 ASPH Leica Summilux-M 21mm f1.4 ASPH Leica Summilux-M 24mm f/1.4 ASPH Leica Super-Elmar-M 18mm f3.8 ASPH Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH Leica Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21mm f/4 ASPH The release notes can be […]

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A masterpiece in the making – your Leica M10 (video)

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Leica M10 camera now in stock

Focus Camera currently has the black Leica M10 in stock. Limited numbers of M10 cameras are available and they will sell out fast.

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