Leica M (RED) camera on display at the Leica Store in New York Soho

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The one of a kind Leica M for (RED) camera is currently on display at the Leica Store in New York Soho. The camera designed by Jony Ive and Marc Newson will be auctioned for charity on November 23, 2013 at Sotheby's.

And two  ore Leica M (RED) pictures from Brian Hirschfeld:


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  • Alaa

    I must say, when I saw the first pictures of this camera I thought it was ridiculously ugly. Now with these views I think the camera looks OK for what it is: an experimental design intended for a noble goal. Knowing the background of Mr. Ive, it has the traits we’ve seen in his designs for Apple – and indeed for “Wall-e”. IMHO The Leica M has a powerful design element that makes it resemble a technical instrument fit for use inside a laboratory, contrasting strongly with the “toy-ish” look of this version of the camera.

    PS: I write this as I await the courier agent to deliver my own Leica M, ordered immediately after the camera was unveiled at Photokina 2012. Can’t wait! :-D

  • Tan

    Interesting, the first time I saw it, I was eek! what has Jony Ive designed! but now that I look at the real world pics, it looks not bad at all, it truly fits his Braun inspired designs and since it’s for charity and a one off, guess people can skip about no hot shoe and other features that are omitted argument since the camera will likely belong in a private collection and not to be used in the outside world.

  • dannybuoy

    Alaa. What!? You ordered your M in 2012 and you’ve only just got it. I ordered my M about 3 months ago and it arrived 2 weeks later. You have the patience of a saint ;-)

    I actually really like the aesthetics of this design. It screams one off and rightly so. It’s wonderful to allow a designer of the calibre of Ive the freedom to do what he likes. But he has been sympathetic to the DNA of Leica and it looks very much a Leica still. I’d be proud to own and use this camera

    • Alaa

      Thank you DannyBuoy, and I do appreciate your comment :-) I live in Kuwait, and that long delay is due to the fact that the demand in our local market is rather small :-/
      Anyhow, I’ve received the camera now and I love it!

  • MJr

    Funny how camerap0rn always seems to prefer full frontal shots, while the behind is chiefly forgotten.

  • 3foot1

    Are the white Leica gloves included?

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