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Three different Leica magnifiers compared (MGR Production Bresson vs. Leica vs. MS Optical)

Bresson zoomable finder mounted

By day, Nathan sometimes shoots audiophile gear and jewelry and sometimes wine and suit meets at various British Embassy of Tokyo associated events. By night he’s a HiFi, headphone, and DAC geek, reviewing mainly earphones and headphone amps at When the weekend hits, he’s all about Dungeons & Dragons; if you’re in the area, he’d […]

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Striking a Balance: The Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ZM Review

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Striking a Balance: The Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ZM Review by Louis Ferreira ( When photographers talk about classic focal lengths, the two most commonly considered are the 35mm and 50mm. Both are great starting points for photographers to begin building their lens collection. I have always preferred the look of 50mm and the […]

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ONA Berlin II shoulder bag review

ONA Title

The ONA Berlin II Bag Review – Celebrating 100 years of Leica Photography by Louis Ferreira ( ONA approached Leica Rumors a few weeks ago about doing a bag review of their black Berlin II, which I jumped at, because it was on my short list of bags to consider when I outgrew my Leica branded Billingham bag. […]

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Notes on the Leica M6, film and digital photography


Xavier Cambre ( will share his experience shooting the Leica M6 in Mexico: Notes on the Leica M6, film and digital photography My chiaroscuro photographs oscillate between the real and the dreamlike, the documented and the desired, evoking the sense that the everyday is actually filled with more mystery than it seems. Sometimes brooding and […]

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The Leica Q Typ 116 Review: The Future of German Camera Engineering


The Leica Q Typ 116 Review: The Future of German Camera Engineering by Louis Ferreira We have a lot to discuss. So if you are looking for a summary, the Leica Q brings together the best aspects of German and Japanese engineering perfectly for the first time. I wouldn’t say the camera is for everyone […]

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