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Firmware update v1.3 for Leica T Typ 701 camera released

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Leica released firmware update v1.3 for their T model 701 camera. Here is a list of the introduced impreovments:

Leica T typ 701 mirrorless camera hands-on review 5
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New firmware updates released for Leica M8, M9, M9-P, M-E, Monochrom, M and M-P cameras

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Leica Camera released firmware updates for all digital M rangefinders with added support for the new Summarit-M lenses that were announced at Photokina: Leica M8 firmware update v2.024 Leica M9, M9-P and M-E firmware update v1.202 Leica M Monochrom firmware update v1.008 Leica M and M-P firmware update v2.0.1.7 The firmware and upgrade instructions can be downloaded here.

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Leica S Type 006 firmware update version released

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A new firmware update version for the Leica S Type 006 medium format camera is now available for download. The latest Leica S2 firmware updated version can be found here.

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Leica X Vario firmware update v1.1 released

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Leica Camera released  firmware update v1.1 for the X Vario camera (the black version is now selling for $200 off). Here is the firmware change log:

Leica X Vario camera first impressions
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Leica T Typ 701 firmware update 1.2 now available for download

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The new Leica T Typ 701 firmware update 1.2 is now available for download on Leica’s support website. Here is a list of the added new features:

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Difference between the new Leica X Typ 113 and X-E cameras, new firmware update for Leica T

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The Leica X and X-E will most likely be two different cameras – here are some more details/updates on the X and X-E models:

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New firmware update coming for the Leica T type 701 camera, beta testers wanted

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The LUF is currently looking for beta testers for a new Leica T type 701 firmware update. The last Leica T firmware 1.1 was released in May, 2014.

Leica T typ 701 mirrorless camera hands-on review 1
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