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4000 Leica M9 produced so far

The rumor is that as of end of last week Leica has produced 4000 M9 units for worldwide distribution.

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Leica X1 delayed till February 2010

UPDATE: According to Leica US, the X1 camera will be on time for the scheduled January 2010 delivery. This rumor is busted for now. Arlingtoncamera just confirmed the news to LR: their Leica rep has told them that the Leica X1 will be delayed until February, 2010. I see two reasons for that delay: either […]

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NEW: Leica D-Lux 4 firmware v2.2 just got released

You can download the latest Leica D-Lux 4 firmware v2.2 from Leica’s website. On the same page you can download also the PDF file with detailed instructions on how to update your firmware.

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Leica S2 field test (video)

Leica S2 Field Test from Adorama Learning Center on Vimeo.

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More issues reported with Leica D-Lux firmware v 2.10

I never had the chance to update my DL4 since the latest firmware update was removed shortly after it was announced. The rumor is that there could be more than the originally described French language issue with that firmware update (the information below is based on Internet forums and it is not confirmed): Focusing Problem- Indoor/lowlight […]

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White Leica M8.2 limited edition shows up again

Three pictures of a white Leica M8.2 showed up on flickr again: pic1 | pic2 | pic3 (see previous similar post). The original white limited edition was a Leica M8, not a M8.2 (Leica M8 White edition on Leica US website).

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Leica Links

Leica X1 get reviewed @ dpreview – I see a lot of “cons” in the conclusions section Another Leica X1 review Leica X1 samples available for download (via getdpi). More samples on flickr. Leica X1 leather case shows up on Japanese site – an online Leica camera collection Leitz M Classics bag Leica R lens to F mount […]

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Leica M9 availability update

Just some links/updates from the past few days: Amazon has M9 in stock, but for the price of $8,999 (from a third party). It seems that this reseller (Willoughby’s) is willing to negotiate, so you may want to give them a call and negotiate. eBay has four M9s for sale – the prices vary from […]

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