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Leica cameras at the L&H Photographica Auction

The L&H Photographica Auction that will take place on June 22 in Hong Kong has few rare Leica cameras – download this PDF file for more information:

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Leica Camera announces Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles opening

The new Leica Store and Gallery in Los Angeles will be opening this week. Several different events are scheduled to celebrate the new location. Leica is expected to unveil also a new special edition camera on June 20th.

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Leica X Vario camera first impressions

Few days ago my local Leica store received their first X Vario shipment and I had the chance to play with the camera for few minutes. After I took the X Vario in my hands, I realized how heavy the lens is. Even with the slow aperture of 3.5-6.4, Leica must have included some serious glass inside. The […]

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Leica warns potential M buyers of delays caused by “enormous demand”

AP reports that Leica Camera sent out letters to dealers apologizing for the delay of M shipments citing “elaborate manual process” to manufacture the camera and demand that “far exceeded our expectations“. The situation should improve significantly once the new factory opens in Wetzlar next year. Leica is also recruiting additional workforce. In the mean time, despite the high prices, Leica fans […]

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Leica X Vario sample images and video previews

Update: check also this post for more sample images and first impressions of the Leica X Vario camera. PCH Brussels who already have the Leica X Vario camera in stock sent me several full size JPG images taken at different focal lengths and apertures (the biggest aperture at 35mm is f/4.5, at 50mm is f/5.1): Addition Leica […]

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Leica X Vario pre-order options

Here are the pre-order options for the new Leica X Vario camera and accessories: B&H Leica X Vario Camera Leica Ever Ready Case for X Vario (Black) Leica Ever Ready Case for X Vario (Cognac) Leica Lens Hood for X Vario Digital Camera Leica Handgrip for Leica X Vario Camera Leica X Vario Camera Protector (Black) Leica […]

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Leica X Vario officially announced

Leica officially announced their new X Vario compact camera (a.k.a. Leica Mini-M). There are no surprises today – the camera is exactly what I reported three weeks ago. The price is $2850 (see accessories pricing here). Unboxing video:

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German retailer lists the Leica X Vario for € 2450

The German retailer Audiophilfoto has a listing for the Leica X Vario camera on their front page. The specifications are the same as previously reported. The price is €2450 (the US price will be lower, probably around $2,850). The camera will be officially announced tomorrow and should be available in Leica stores.

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