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Beijing bodybuilders

Beijing bodybuilders by Pierre Alivon I am a Leica addict photographer and acquire new lenses regularly depending on my projects (and my mood). I settled in Beijing almost one year ago and I am impressed with how attractive the Brand is here. People on the street ask me about my Leica or even open their […]

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A year with the Leica SL

“A year with the Leica SL” by Jonathan Slack (website, Facebook, see also the original Leica SL article here): Triumvirate. Leica SL with 24-90 Vario Elmarit SL Asph. Introduction On June 23rd 2015 a big box arrived at my door. It contained a prototype SL together with the 24-90 Vario Elmarit. There were no instructions and no clue […]

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Next Leica M/SL camera body must be high resolution

This article is by Horatio Tan (Website|Instagram|Facebook) Check out his other articles, also available on his website. It has been two months since I started to publish my Leica reviews on my website. It was a big step for me, but I can only hope that my efforts can add to the rich Leica online […]

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Leica SL six months field test

This Leica SL review is by Kristen Meister (Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram). Check out also her Leica Q review (more reviews and more Leica topics are available on her blog). It has been six months since I took the plunge – six months since I sold my tried-and-true Nikon D800 and embarked on a journey […]

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The old and new Leica 28mm Summicron Asph lenses tested on Leica M 240, SL and Sony A7 II cameras

Jono Slack (website | Facebook) tested the old and new Leica 28mm Summicron Asph lenses on the Leica M Typ 240, Leica SL and Sony A7 II cameras. Here are his findings (please make sure you check also the original article here for more sample photos you can download as a zip file):

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Three different Leica magnifiers compared (MGR Production Bresson vs. Leica vs. MS Optical)

By day, Nathan sometimes shoots audiophile gear and jewelry and sometimes wine and suit meets at various British Embassy of Tokyo associated events. By night he’s a HiFi, headphone, and DAC geek, reviewing mainly earphones and headphone amps at When the weekend hits, he’s all about Dungeons & Dragons; if you’re in the area, he’d […]

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Notes on the Leica M6, film and digital photography

Xavier Cambre ( will share his experience shooting the Leica M6 in Mexico: Notes on the Leica M6, film and digital photography My chiaroscuro photographs oscillate between the real and the dreamlike, the documented and the desired, evoking the sense that the everyday is actually filled with more mystery than it seems. Sometimes brooding and […]

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