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Updated list of rumored Leica cameras and lenses

After the Leica D-Lux 7 camera announcement, here is an updated list of the remaining rumored/expected Leica cameras and lenses (see the previous lists here):

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Pixii raised €95,000 for their digital camera with Leica M-mount

In November 2018 Pixii raised €95,000 from business angels from Bourgogne-Franche-Comté for their PIXII camera with Leica M-mount.

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Leica Gallery Los Angeles unveils “Digital Color” by renowned photographer Ralph Gibson

Leica Gallery Los Angeles Unveils Digital Color by Renowned Photographer Ralph Gibson To celebrate the acclaimed photographer’s 80th birthday and his outstanding life’s work, Leica Gallery Los Angeles showcases his newest photo series LOS ANGELES–Paying tribute to the milestone 80th birthday of renowned photographer Ralph Gibson, Digital Color will be presented by Leica Gallery Los Angeles through an exhibition and vernissage […]

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You can now purchase the LEGO Leica M camera sets

I have already covered the different LEGO Leica M camera sets in the past. Two of the sets are now available for purchase: LEGO Leica M camera – black/gray (pre-order) LEGO Leica M camera – brown/gray (in stock)

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New book: “Museum Leica” by Lars Netopil

The new book “Museum Leica” by Lars Netopil is now available for sale at the Leica Store Miami: Lars Netopil has compiled an exhaustive volume to illustrate what future visitors to the Leica Museum can look forward to discovering. The Leica expert and historian, who also owns a Leica Store for vintage and contemporary cameras […]

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Leica digest

The latest Leica-related YouTube videos:

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The 2019 Photokina show is canceled

The 2019 Photokina show is now officially canceled and the 2020 Photokina dates were announced: May 27-30, 2020. The full press release can be found here. Via PhotoRumors

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