New Leica SL2 voucher program announced: save $1,500 on a Leica SL2 bundles

Leica USA announced a new voucher program where you can save $1,500 on six different Leica SL2 camera + lens bundles:

“Starting today and running until January 2024, Leica is offering a $1,500 instant savings voucher towards the purchase of a new SL2 Prime or Vario bundle. Combined with the savings already built into the bundle pricing, this is an amazing deal for anyone looking to get into the Leica SL System, or to add to their existing kit. There are six available bundles to choose from, pairing a Leica SL2 professional mirroless body with the 24-70mm f/2.8 Vario-Elmarit-SL ASPH zoom, or with one of the new lightweight Summicron-SL 35 or 50mm f/2 ASPH prime lenses.”

See the full details on how to claim the voucher at Reddotforum.

Visit our sponsors for availability (some of the bundles are not in stock yet):

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Leica digest #126

→ Funleader x BrightinStar 28mm f/2.8 lens for Leica M-mount review at Fstoppers. Additional info on the lens can be found here.

→ New and updated Mr.Ding Noxlux DG 50mm f/1.1 E58 V2 lens for Leica-M released – now available also in silver (additional information).

Shoten R50 Leica M rangefinder camera adapter for 50mm M42 and Pentax K lenses report by Map Camera.

→ Labor Day sale & specials.

→ B&H has several 50th Anniversary Special Edition Products.

New Nanuk soft bag ecosystem announced.

→ The camera market is booming!

The new CFexpress memory card update 4.0 will double the speed to 4 GB/s while still being backward compatible.

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The best LeicaRumors posts for August 2023

The best LeicaRumors posts for August 2023:

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The online catalog for the upcoming Wetzlar Camera Auctions (Auktion 5) on October 7th, 2023 in Wetzlar, Germany is now available

The online catalog for the upcoming Wetzlar Camera Auctions (Auktion 5) that will take place on October 7th, 2023 in Wetzlar, Germany is now available:

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The new and improved Meyer Optik Görlitz Biotar 75 f/1.5 II lens for Leica M and L mount is now available

The previously reported new and improved Meyer Optik Görlitz Biotar 75 f/1.5 II lens for Leica M and L mount is now officially released (the full press release can be found here). Pre-orders are now open at B&H Photo (Meyer Optik Görlitz lenses are also sold at Adorama).

“In the 1930s, design genius Willi Merté created the original Biotar 75 f1.5. In no time at all, the lens gained a legendary reputation and achieved great success. Due to the Second World War and the high production costs for that time, the production of the popular Biotar 75 was discontinued very quickly. Its great popularity and the small number of well-preserved specimens at the same time make the Biotar 75 an extremely rare lens.”

Delivery time: approximately 2 weeks
Focal Length & Aperture: 75mm / f1.5 – f16
Image circle diameter: 60mm
angle of view: 32°
Aperture blades: 15
Filter diameter: 62mm
Optical construction: 6 elements in 4 groups
Minimum object distance: 0.75m
Housing: Aluminum / natural anodized
Rangefinder coupling (Leica): no (LiveView required)

Sample photos:

Via PhotoRumors

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New firmware updates released for Leica SL cameras

Today Leica released new firmware updates for three Leica SL cameras:

Additional information is available on Reddotforum:

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Leica Q3 protection skin cover wrap now available (discount code included)

Alphagvrd already sells skins for different Leica cameras and lenses (international shipping available). They just added several new protection skin wraps for the Leica Q3 camera (use code SUMMEREND at checkout to get the sales price):

Nine different colors are available:

Product description:

“Introducing our premium Leica Q3 skins, crafted with precision from high-quality vinyl. For just 1% of the price of your camera, you can invest in a skin that not only protects it but also preserves its value and resale potential by preventing scratches and scuffs that could significantly decrease its price. These skins are cut to fit your lens dimensions perfectly, offering exceptional protection without adding weight. Made with premium 3M material, they safeguard your gear against wear and tear. Choose from a range of stylish designs to personalize your camera and capture every moment confidently, knowing that your investment is well protected.”

Here are a few more skins for Leica cameras:

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DxO Nik Collection version 6.3 released with many new features, new Optics Modules added with support for the latest L-mount lenses

DxO announced Nik Collection version 6.3 with several new features (additional information available here):

  • NEW Control Point diffusion lets you regulate the strength and style of adjustments more easily
  • NEW Control Points and Control Lines can now be inverted, giving you huge flexibility specific colors and tones in an image
  • NEW Color Selectivity sliders allow Control Point and Control Line editing to be tied to adjustments can now be saved as Presets, giving you quick access to frequently used sharpening or HDR recipes.
  • NEW Turn your edits into a Smart Object at any stage from within the plugin, giving you fully non-destructive editing in Photoshop
  • NEW Call on any of your last 15 Nik Collection edits and apply them with a single click
  • NEW Presets can now be searched for by name, so you can instantly find your favorite edits
  • NEW Hi DPI & Multiscreen support lets you work with all screen configurations
  • NEW Affinity Photo is now automatically detected as part of installation.

DxO also updated their Optics Modules with added support for the latest L-mount lenses (additional information available here):

The update is available to download from within your DxO software:

Via NikonRumors

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