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4K “Mystery Lenses” @ BandPro

UPDATE: on fdtimes you can see Dr Kaufman at the  BandPro “Mystery Lenses” event and few close-ups of the different lenses: “In development for three years by an international team of prominent optical and mechanical lens designers (anonymous sources point to alumni of Panavision, Leitz, Leica Canada, as well as involvement by Otto Nemenz and Band […]

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“2010 the mistery will be revealed”: new Leica cinema lenses!

Update #2: the domain name cw-sonderoptic.de is registered to Rainer Schnabel (perform a whois check for cw-sonderoptic.de) and of course he works for Leica: see this Google search. Update: a picture of some of those Leica cine lenses could be seen here (English translation). Rumors about Leica cinema lenses have been circulating for a while (see here and this link about […]

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More on the Leica Cinema rumor

After some more research, the Leica Cinema rumor does not sound so impossible (thanks for the feedback I got from our readers): Leica Cinema GmbH does exists as a legal entity (LLC, created in 2007, located in Zurich, Switzerland) – here is the link.

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Crazy, but still a rumor: Leica may be coming out with a line of cinema lenses

I do not know what to think about this rumor. I would say it’s busted right upfront (anonymous email): At a Leica Day last year in La Jolla, CA, I heard that a large Hollywood studio had bought a copy of each R lens from Leica. They planned to retrofit them for use on motion […]

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