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Leica M11-D camera announcement delayed until June

As I already suspected in my previous post, the Leica M11-D camera (model 2221) announcement is delayed until June. It is interesting to mention that all the camera pictures, diagrams, schematics, user manual, and other documents are still not available for download on the FCC website – they should have been all available on May […]

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New Leica camera model 2221 (M11-D) announcement tomorrow?

The new Leica digital camera model 2221 should be officially announced tomorrow according to the embargo date of May 16, 2024 (unless there is a delay, which is highly possible): I believe model 2221 is the rumored Leica M11-D camera, but I am not sure if it will be black paint. Here are the Leica […]

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New Leica digital camera model 2221 registered online, embargo date: May 16, 2024 (is that the rumored Leica M11-D Black Paint camera?)

Leica registered a new digital camera online under the model number 2221: The embargo announcement date for the Leica 2221 is May 16, 2024: I believe the model 2221 is the already rumored Leica M11-D “Black Paint” camera that is also expected to be announced in May: Official announcement rumored for May 2024 ISO dial […]

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