Leica SL video tutorials

Several new Leica SL video tutorials were published online by Leica Camera:

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New Leica accessories

Yosemite camera strap1 Yosemite camera strap2 Yosemite camera strap3
Yosemite camera strap4 Yosemite camera strap5 Yosemite camera strap6
Yosemite camera strap7 Yosemite camera strap8 Yosemite camera strap9
Yosemite camera strap10 Yosemite camera strap11 Yosemite camera strap12

Yosemite camera strap is a new product from Japan CO.,LTD. The strap is made in Japan out of 8mm or 10mm high-strength climbing rope. Each color strap will be a limited run of 30 to 70 pieces. New color designs will be introduced every season. The strap is 126cm long (with attachment ring). Additional information can be fond here.

Cecilia strap for Leica 4Cecilia strap for Leica 3
Cecilia strap for Leica 2Cecilia strap for Leica
New straps from Cecilia - combination of Argentinian cowhide and Peruvian alpaca.

Wooden thumbs-up for Leica cameras.

leather case for Leica Q camera from Artisan and Artist
New leather case for Leica Q camera from Artisan and Artist.

Another Leica Q case by Lims Design.

Leica Q multi-grip Leica Q multi-grip 2 Leica Q multi-grip 3
Leica Q multi-grip (not yet available, check Amazon).

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Firmware update version 1.5 for Leica T released

Leica T typ 701 mirrorless camera hands-on review 5
Today Leica released firmware update version 1.5 for the Leica T camera (direct download link, manual, instructions). The changes in this update are:

Performance Improvements:

  • WiFi DIRECT Mode: The camera can create a WiFi Access Point (AP) and by that enables smart devices to connect to the camera directly.
  • WiFi connection: Automatic reconnection to known networks is enhanced in terms of reliability and speed.

Bug Fixes:

  • WiFi connection hang up solved

Press release:

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Leica partners with COOPH photographers’ apparel designer

Leica partners with COOPH
Leica partnered with COOPH for photographers' apparel designer items. Check out the current COOPH inventory at Leica Store Miami and Leica Store PRA.

Press release:

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New Subal underwater housing for Leica M cameras

Check out this new Leica M camera underwater housing from Subal. The price is €5,500. No technical information is available at that point. From their Facebook page:

SUBAL at the 47th BOOT Show in Dusseldorf announces proudly the new system of the LEICA M housing. This housing allows you to use Leica lenses, Voigtländer lenses and many others with Leica M bayonett with the Subal port system. Also the great thing is that it is usable with Nikonos lenes without any ports. So you can use underwater corrected lenses in their full quality.

Additional pictures:

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