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A Leica Photographer on Being “Discovered” and Publishing FAIR WITNESS: Street Photography for the 21st Century by David Lykes Keenan

A Leica Photographer on Being “Discovered” and Publishing FAIR WITNESS: Street Photography for the 21st Century by David Lykes Keenan David just launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish FAIR WITNESS. For more information and to support the campaign, click here.  What is an emerging photographer — wait, I hate that expression. What is a rookie photographer […]

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Shooting the 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show with Leica M 240 and 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux lens

This guest post is by Roy James Shakespeare – check out his new e-book on the 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show: A piece of cake Purchasing the 50mm Noctilux f/0.95 two years ago was a mammoth decision. Shortly after I thought, what an earth have I done. What a load of rubbish this lens was. […]

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Guest post: Winter in Andalucia

I don’t like December in Holland. It’s dark, cold and there are way too many days you have to things I don’t like doing. We decided to escape and headed for southern Spain, where it was a lot less cold. Andalucia is a region that is famous for flamenco, olive oil and sherry, but frankly, […]

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Review: using Leica M lenses on the 36MP Sony A7r mirrorless camera

This review on using Leica M lenses on the Sony A7r 36mp camera is by Tom Grill (Web | Blog, click on images for larger view): As a Leica owner, I was immediately intrigued when I saw the first announcements of a full-frame, small, 36mp, mirrorless camera from Sony with the ability of accepting Leica M lenses. It […]

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Buddhafield: shooting with the Leica M type 240 (guest post)

Recently I  purchase the new Leica M. Updating my Leica M9. With all digital cameras I have owned in the past 12 years and used professionally i have tended to push them as far as they go. There really is no point pussy footing around. I really can’t stand the comments about noise, It is like grain. […]

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Digiscoping with the Leica M 240 and Leica spotting scope APO-Televid 82

This guest post on digiscoping with the Leica M 240 ($6,950) and the Leica spotting scope APO-Televid 82 ($2,999) is by Gunnar Olssons Foto: When Leica Camera Inc. released the new M camera (240) with live view and movie function arose the possibility of using the camera for digiscoping. That is, the ability to connect […]

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Guest post: Why I Am Leaving Leica for Micro Four Thirds

Today’s guest post is by J Shin: This is the morning of Christmas, 2012, and I am facing a moral crisis. For years, I have not made a major photo equipment purchase. My partner and I have a deal where my income needs to meet a certain benchmark before I can purchase another one. I have […]

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