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Leica S-Adapter H now shipping in the United States

Leica S-Adapter H now shipping

The Leica S-Adapter H has started shipping in small quantities in the US.

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Fujifilm’s own Leica M-mount adapter for X-Pro1 now available


Adorama now has a listing for the Fujifilms Leica M-mount adapter for X-Pro1 camera. There is no picture yet and I am curious if Fuji’s adapter will be any different than the Kipon L/M-FX adapter. Update: Fuji just made it official. The adapter has electronic connections for automatic lens profile selection. Here is the full press […]

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Micro Four Thirds to Leica M/R lens adapters

Rayqual announced a new Micro Four Thirds adapters with built-in tripod mount for Leica R lenses: B&H just started selling a new Micro 4/3 to Leica M lens adapter from Dot Line for $99.95.  

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New Leica S adapter for third party lenses


After a brief introduction in the November 2010 issue of LFI magazine, today Leica announced three new lens adapters for the S2 camera: S-V adapter for Hasselblad V system S-P67 adapter for Pentax 67 system S-adapter for Mamiya M645-645 system The adapters are made out of anodized aluminum and chrome-plated brass. They will be available in August, 2011 […]

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Leica M to E mount Helicoid adapter

Update: this adapter is now in production and is available for sale on eBay. A group of Taiwanese camera-mount-modifying-enthusiasts created a M adapter for Sony NEX E-mount cameras with a build-in focus helicoid that could turn a Leica M lens into a macro lens. “The Helicoid” allows you to further close focus than your normal M […]

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Leica S2 lens adapters coming at the end of Q1/2011

Two months ago LFI magazine already mentioned about the upcoming Leica S2 adapters for Hasselblad V, Pentax 6×7 and Mamiya 645 lenses. Today PDNonline reported that Leica is planning to release those adapters by the end of the first quarter of 2011. The article also mentions that currently such “homebrew” adapters are available on eBay, like for example this Leica […]

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Leica-M lenses adapter for E mount (Sony NEX) again


Those are the first pictures of the Leica-M lens adapter for E mount (Sony NEX) in action: For more products shots and some samples images taken with the Super Leica Elmar-M 18mm f/3.8 ASPH lens head over to DCwatch (in English). The M->E adapter will come in two different colors and the price will be ¥15,000 ($158) for […]

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