Panasonic Micro Four Thirds digital camera body with Leica lens

Multiple sites reported on the Panasonic Micro Four Thirds digital camera body today. On some of the images you could see a Leica lens:

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  • Tim

    Why does it have a zoom lever on the body..? CGI and obviously not made by Pano or Leica

  • Blog Admin

    The lens is fake – at least according to this discussion on dpreview.

  • Tim

    All fake. It’s just an LX3 minus lens…

  • I don’t think that’s a zoom button. I think it’s a picture format button.

    Anyway, it’s looks gorgeous. Fingers crossed.

  • It’s obviously a fake. The text on the body doesn’t fit perspective-wise. And they don’t make much sense. I thought the lever around the shutter release was a meter pattern selector like old R bodies, but then the icons don’t fit. The on/off behind the shutter release don’t make any sense. There’s no lever pointing to either one.

    All in all an obvious fake. But it sure looks nice overall!

  • The lever about the shutter release control sensor aspect ratios like current high-end PanaLeicas. 16×9, 4×3, and 3×2 are selectable on those cameras. Since this is a m4/3 camera, I don’t think it would have much use (sensor is locked to 4×3). Still it look real purty.

  • Okay, I can see that. Boy howdy, that would be my point-and-shoot. Can’t wait for Photokina!

  • One thing that bothers me about the photo at this point is “mega pixels.” It’s one word, not two.

  • Blog Admin

    good point

  • Crabby

    This camera body seems a little wider than a Leica CL, but has the right overall feel. I expect that any smaller digital Leica body will be made by a Japanese company, just as the CL was.

  • eric

    I am very sorry but how could this thing work with the mannual focusing of the M lenses ? The rangefinder is barrely an obligation (who want to focus on the rear screen ?) Still, I am waiting for such a good surprise at the Photokina.

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