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Leica has “one more thing”

The event is called “The Future of Memories”. Not sure what is it going to be about.

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40 megapixels medium format Leica and 10 autofocus lens @ Photokina

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What can you buy for $140,579.00?

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Leica M8 firmware updated

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“The Future of Memories”

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More on Leica @ Photokina

I found two blogs with more details about Leica, Photokina and the S2: (in French – here is the English version)

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Two new Leica models between the D-Lux 4 and M8?

This came out of a meeting between l-camera-forum members and Leica management (Leica’s CEO Andreas Kaufmann, Stefan Daniel, product manager M system and Maike Harberts and Stephan Schulz, responsible for the development of the new Leica S2): “Mr. Kaufmann repeated his clear commitment to a digital R10 – with autofocus lenses.” “After questions about cheaper […]

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