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Controversial Leica user

Slow on Leica rumors lately. Here is a video of a controversial Leica user:

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Leica @ PhotoPlus Expo

Eyewitness report from PhotoPlus Expo (comment from The show was busy, but not especially exciting. There really wasn’t anything new there. I did manage to get my hands on the new Leica MF prototype. It looks much better in person than it does in photographs. It’s very solid, very heavy, and has a really […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. I love it! Give me some time to adjust the details – colors, emails, etc. I am sure there will be some broken links – if you see any let me know (after I add the contact me info).

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Moving this blog to WordPress

In the next few days I will be transferring this blog to a new home. Please be patient and stay tuned – it can just get better! Admin

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Leica’s “Mini Photokina” event

Here are some pictures from Leica’s “Mini Photokina” event in Tokyo – similar to the upcoming meetup in New York on October 25th:

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Interview with Maike Harberts of Leica Camera AG about the new Leica S2 and the upcoming Leica R10

a must see: … yes, she does confirm the Leica R10 … a new Leica flash for the S2 is coming as well … R10 will have autofocus … R10 will be backwards compatible with old lenses Sponsor: Leica D-LUX 4 now in stock @ Amazon US Leica D-LUX 4 now in stock @ Amazon […]

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Photo Plus Expo Special Leica NY meetup, hands on with S2 and M8.2

The event will be on October 25th in NYC. Here is the original post: So here we go I had a discussion with Christian Erhardt, Director of Marketing Photographic Division of Leica USA. We have an opportunity to come early to Photo Expo 2008 at 10AM. Presentation for us will be done by Justin Stailey, he […]

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Leica S2 hot shoe = Nikon hot shoe?

A reader noticed that “the hot-shoe on the Leica S2 appears to be a Nikon pin-out configuration – Leica’s usual M-TTL hot-shoe has longer contacts towards the back of the body.” Here is a comparison (Leica S2 vs Nikon D700):

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