Interview with Maike Harberts of Leica Camera AG about the new Leica S2 and the upcoming Leica R10

a must see:
... yes, she does confirm the Leica R10
... a new Leica flash for the S2 is coming as well
... R10 will have autofocus
... R10 will be backwards compatible with old lenses

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    Need help from Sweden

    I’ve said it many times before – this blog is a collaborative effort from Nikon fans around the world. Today I need some help from our audience in Sweden.Here is a Photokina interview with Nikon regarding the new Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4G lens:I need some translation please. I have a feeling that this interview may contain some hints about future Nikon products (specifically lenses). You will ask why? I watched the Leica interview from the same series (in English) and they did talk about upcoming Leica products. I could be wrong – unfortunately Google does not provide video translation yet.Thanks! …

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    Need help from Sweden (updated)

    Update:Thanks for all the translations – the only hint in the interview was about a possible AF-S 50mm f/1.8:”I transcribed the interview and it is mostly about the new 50 mm 1.4 and DSLR in general. The reporter asks how come there is no 50 mm 1.8 since the 1.4 is so much more expensive. Johan, the Nikon guy then replied: Good question, but as we say, we have not stopped making products, we will have to see what tomorrow brings. Then some talk about market-share on compact and DSLR and finally some questions about how the market has reacted …

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    Leica stops the R-System complete with no return:

  • What it is not clear to me is that LEICA is coming with the new S Line, before the R.
    The fact is that LEICA is known for endurance and continuity, therefore it would be much more natural to come with the updated AF version of the R.
    S System should come afterwards based on the same platform.
    Soon after, they are gonna come with the interchangable adapters.
    That’ s a wonderful thing, isn’ it?
    Cheerz, Tomislav.

  • We can already use R Lenses on the DMR/R9, R9, or with Novoflex Adapter on LEICA M8 or M8.2, or with Adapter on Olympss 4/3 Cameras, or with Adapter on Panasonic Lumix G1,4/3 Micro,… till R10 comes.
    Is that Plenty?
    Cheerz, Tomislav V. Stanich.

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