The most expensive lens in the world (it’s a Leica of course)

I think this is the most expensive lens in the world: the LEICA APO-TELYT-R 1:5.6/1600mm is worth 16 million HKD (2,064,489 USD) - yes you read this right 2 million US dollars! Anyone has that thing? I would like to see some test shots 🙂

Via Schmidtmarketing

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  • really … what is it for?

  • LR admin

    well, it’s a telephoto lens – 1600mm

  • justin

    It was made for some african prince i think (worth miillionns) who came to leica for a costom telephoto lens. this is what he got. there are only 2 in the world. his and this one displayed in the leica factory in germany. its connected to an r8 that you can look through. too bad its fixed to look at bushes outside. : /. I doubt the price has a flickr 😛

  • LR admin

    Thanks for the info – this explains why I could not find any info online. I guess I will not be getting any test shots any time soon…

  • scrutarius

    Putz que coisa bonita e cara

  • me

    Well if it’s a standard leica mount (as will be the case) I could get a cheap 2X conveter of ebay and make it even better!!!! LOL

  • K Smith

    Tell me, do they do a bundle with a Sigma 100-300 anywhere.

  • David Gancarz

    Most expensive lens? The Hubble, of course.

    • damiannet

      Title: the-most-expensive-lens-in-the-world-its-a-leica

      Is the hubble in the world ?

  • Ron

    I need to talk to you. I just bought another lens.

  • Ron

    What kind of zoom factor what that be? 500x? 1000x?

  • Shane

    someone is overcompensating i think…

  • Vou comprar 2 ent√£o… Me vê uma branca e uma preta… AHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lee Yna

    Most Expensive Leica Lenses in the world :

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