Leica UK to increase prices in January 2009?

I read this post on dpreview - Leica UK is planning to increase prices in January 2009 because of the weak pound.

Anyone from the UK got some solid info on this potential price increase?

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  • Matthew

    Yup, this ties in with what Richard Caplan (a London Leica dealer) told me last week…

  • LR admin

    Thanks for the info

  • Xavier

    they seem to have made Leica confirm it directly…

  • LR admin

    Thanks Xavier – I will post this

  • Keit T

    Well, I have just seen the old Digilux 3 advertised at nearly 2.5k GBP. If this is Leica’s answer to the credit crunch and the state of world economy, they obviously see their product in the same light as gold bullion. It wouldn’t surprise me if Leica doesn’t find the balifs knocking on the door mid 2009. I was tempted to sell all my L glass and Canon pro body to fund a smaller camera profile. I won’t be bothering now.

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