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Experience the new Leica Super Elmar-M 18mm f/3.8 SPH lens in London

Reddotcameras will have the new LEICA SUPER-ELMAR-M 18 mm f/ 3.8 ASPH lens in their store on March 5-7:

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Leica is releasing new firmware v2.004 for the M8 and M8.2

Here’s what’s new: 6-bit coding support has been added for the 50mm Noctilux-M f/0.95 ASPH and the 18mm Super-Elmar-M f/3.8 ASPH. Discreet advance is now available for all M8 models (M8, M8u, and M8.2)

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Epson R-D1x digital Rangefinder released

… and it does use Leica lenses (quote from Wired): “The retro body is a rangefinder camera, which means manual focusing using the matched images familiar to anyone who has used a film rangefinder. It even takes Leica lenses, making it a passable alternative to Leica’s own M8, and cheaper at $3000. Weirdly, Epson hasn’t […]

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Leica S2 Demo at PMA next week

“If anyone is interested in getting a hands-on group demo of the S2 at PMA in Las Vegas, I have set up a time with Christian Erhardt from Leica Camera USA. He will make sure that we can get a private audience with several key S2 team members including the product manager. The meeting is […]

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Leica 21s-92 Images

An old but good pictures-video: From the author: this is a project that I have been working on in association with Leica. I am editing these down to 21 images – shot with a Leica 21mm lens – for a limited edition box set.” Great music!

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Another cool D-Lux 4 gadget

This is a remote trigger! Read the whole story here.

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Leica rumors

I guess those were the new product releases for now. Since there are not many Leica rumors floating around, I will return to cover general Leica related topics on a daily basis. Please let me know what do you think about the blog. What do you want to see? What you don’t want to see. […]

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