New Leica products coming on February 20th

This is according to the site Reddotcameras - they have been always accurate in the past:

Posted from my iPhone - this will explain the screenshot.

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  • Marq

    It would be wonderful if they had a replacement for the Digilux 3! A mini 4/3rds interchangable lens rangefinder Digilux 4 would be interesting. Especially if they had prime lenses like a 50f1.4, 35f2,28f2!!! And it would be great if they release info about the R10… Sounds like something maybe going on with the DLux as well. Would be really interesting if they came out with an interchangable lens system for it!!! I feel like Leica is finally coming back into their own. Can’t wait to see what they come out with…

  • LR admin

    I would have to agree with you – it is too early for the R10, M9 or the S2. they just recently announced a new line of p&s. Maybe a Leica version of the Panasonic G1 or something similar?

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