Leica M8 “White Edition” now official

Leica M8 "White Edition" is now official on Leica's website - 275 units worldwide, price: $9,000 ($5000 more than the regular M8).


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  • ZoetMB

    Well…I’m sure that there are a few movie stars and CEOs that might go for it, but this is a tough economy to be selling a camera that is basically jewelry, even if the target customer is the very rich.

  • Water-testing time for Leica … it may open up something like a “couture” line in the fashion industry

  • g

    this is exactly the reason why people stop to take leica seriously in photo-business. give me a break. painting it white, and making a story out of it?

  • Tomas

    LOL, that chap looks so weird, it puts me off the whatever he is holding.

    It is all too apparent leica is a collectors item only. By the time there will be no more memory cards for this, an m6 will be more valuable.

    They’d better get the S2 out quickly and make it affordable (compared with 1Ds3 and D3X)

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