There will be no Leica R10, say hello to Leica M9?

This just hit the wires:

"From Stefan Daniel: there will be no R10 from Leica, but there will be a good solution that allows us to use our R-lenses on a digital body."

I think the full frame Leica M9 rumor from yesterday just became more credible - Leica M9 on 09.09.2009. Maybe this date will be only for the M9 announcement and availability will be in late 2010 (just like the Leica S2). It's all speculations for now, but everything started to make more sense now. Maybe M9 will not be full frame after all...

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  • Wetzlar

    You need to read the WHOLE thread.

    Full frame M9 is NOT coming soon

    No R10/S10/S1 coming at all

  • LR admin

    I did read the thread but nobody knows at that point (besides Leica) – it’s all speculations, as I mentioned in the post above, so why not a M9? I did not see anything about the S2 either. I will check again, maybe there are new comments.

  • Wetzlar

    It’s not speculation – unless you consider that Stefan Daniel is speculating in public.

    There may well be an M9 in September, but it will NOT be full frame. The full frame M is no where near ready for the market, according to Stefan Daniel. “The product isn’t close” he said. If they were going to be releasing a FF M in September, they’d be making them by now…

  • Wetzlar

    You also need to see that Leica do not like 4/3 at all, nor u4/3

    The rumor you have above is almost 100% wrong 🙂

  • LR admin

    correct about the M9 – that’s why I said that they may just announce it in Sept, and make it availabe in late 2010 – just like the S2 (I wrote this already in the post above). Can you also post your link – I have the feeling we are looking at different threads, I cannot see any reference from Hr. Daniel about the M9. Thanks.

  • Wetzlar

    You have the link already

  • Wetzlar
  • LR admin

    Thanks – I did not see this comment – I will delete the last portion of the post about the m4/3 and S2. I still think the M9 is a possibility – otherwise what will be the solution for R lenses? An adapter?

  • Wetzlar

    Read all the posts in the LUF thread.

  • Digileica

    It would be stupid and anti economical the possibility of announce a replacement for the m8 1 year before the release… The s2 was announced with a lot of time of development ahead because it will cover a completely new segment of the market and photographer interested in the tecnology maybe stopped their investments waiting the s2 but the m9 will probably eat the market of the m8

  • Justin

    I heard the same thing from a rep the other day. Another more reputable guy told me about the S2 as well. He says you wont know the price till it comes out because of the Euro fluctuations. Otherwise everything else is true.

  • I don’t see the problem with developing a full frame M system camera.

    The M7 was able to fit “full frame” 35mm film, including a film canister, inside its body just fine.

    I realize there is a lot more circuitry to be put inside a digital camera . . . but still it doesn’t seem that difficult.

  • m4/3

    I think it has something to do with the light reflecting off a layer in front of the photosites in the corners of the sensor due to the angle the light is hitting it at, causing vignetting… I’m sure someone who knows better than me will be able to explain in more detail

  • Aecher

    There is no reason why Leica should continue with the R10, when they have they have the S2. The R series is dead its the end, they can’t compete with Nikon and Canon in the SLR 35mm FF range anymore.

  • Well, who knows the very origin of those rumors? If Maike Herberts, a lady responsible 4 the future development of the R & S Series and Mr. Kaufmann as the owner of the LEICA Camera Inc., Company said the very opposite than this thread sais ,… I would stick with their statements.
    Cheer, Tomislav Stanich.

  • Here is a summary of the Q&A session with Stefan Daniel – I filmed the whole event and transcribed the most important statements:

    German (original version) here:

    Editor L-Camera Forum

  • Dr. Thyl Engelhardt

    If I were Leica, I would develop a dual mode M9 with a “full frame” sensor, offering the following modes:

    M-Mode: Like any normal M Leica, were the periphery of the sensor is not used, in order to avoid image degradation at those portions where conventional M lenses have overly inclined ray paths (this feature could be made settable, if Leica wants to be nice to Carl Zeiss 😉 ).

    When an “R-adapter” (taking the role of the Visoflex mirror box) is mounted to such camera, it switches to

    R-Mode: Here, the camera goes to full frame and live view in the rear LCD, allowing full control of the image. The shutter mechanism would work like in the Panasonic G1, i.e. staying open when composing the image, and upon shutter triggering, closing and reopening for exposure. The R-adapter forwards input from the R-lens (aperture setting etc. via cam and ROM) and closes/reopens the aperture thereof, like with any R camera.

    As an option, an electronic viewfinder should be mounted. As you can see, the R-adapter is the critical component, as it would no longer be a passive mounting aid, but take over part of the camera’s control over the lenses. I assmue that hence, it would be quite expensive, certainly in the order of 1000 Euro (and more if an autofocus functionality is built-in; have a look at Contax AX ;-)).

    I must say that indeed I was a little surprised that Leica did not provide this approach already with the M8 (I had asked them at Photokina 2006)

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