Leica M9 price: US$7,700?

This rumor comes from a Leica dealer in Hong Kong:

"M9 coming announcement September 2009, probably from Germany 20,000,000 pixels and hk$60,000 (roughly us$7,700)"

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  • frenchy

    Better then 9999 USD …

    one year later it ll be 5000 i guess if we see how much the M8.2 price decreased

  • My reacquisition of M digital is on hold till I see how this pans out. 20Mpx?!? I’d love to see that, but what would the ISO performance be like? The hallmark of my M8 (after several firmware updates) was very good lowlight performance (flashes aren’t subtle) with all the nice fast lenses out there. Don’t judge the price by the speculated HK price. Camera makers often price differently for different markets.

  • panmoria

    Right, better wait sometime before getting the brand new body. Also, to iron out teething issues … I mean, this is Leica digital!

  • High

    It has begun…

  • dick

    Also S-system pricing has just been announced.

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