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Leica Day on 09.09.09

Update: Glazer’s Camera in Seattle, WA will also have a Leica day. Today I received an invitation to take part of the Leica Day on 09.09.09 to “experience Leica’s latest innovations at an exciting event“. The text still implies to multiple products: “…will introduce the next generation of Leica products“. The event will take place […]

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Are those the first Leica M9 pictures?

It did not take long until online forums started to buzz about the potential Leica M9 pictures in the latest promotional video from Leica (look for 0:54- 0:58 portion of the video):

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Leica M9 now semiofficial!

Leica has setup a website with a special live webcast scheduled for 09.09.09: The unveiling of new products on September 9th was announced by Leica’s CEO Rudi Spiller. Here is the text: “Time and time again, Leica has made history with its superior quality cameras and lenses. And, each time, the innovations and developments made throughout the […]

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Production model of Leica S2 on 09.09.09

Sorry, I got the wrong translation. The news is that a production model of the S2 will be avaiable during the scheduled events on 09.09.09.

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Be there! (to see the new Leica products on 09.09.09)

I found this info on the Internet (secret location for now with the hope to get more in the next few days): Samy’s Camera (Hollywood location?) store has been chosen for the West coast unveiling of the new Leica products on 09.09.09. My gut feeling says three new products (I had a dream about a medium […]

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Leica S2 System Launch

Leica S2 System launch event (free) With Amy Kosh, Leica S2 product specialist: Friday, Sept 11, 11:00 am & 12:00 pm (45min sessions), Vistek Toronto Link for more info

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Stores taking pre-orders for Leica M9

M9 From a LeicaRumors reader: “I thought I would share that I just pre-ordered my M9 from a Leica store in Frankfurt, as I am planning to travel through Frankfurt shortly after September 9th. The price is 5,500 Euro, but you get a 19% VAT refund when you leave Europe. And by the way it […]

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Another white Leica…

Updated: I was asked to remove some of the information and images from this post. Unfortunately I cannot discuss the reasons behind that move. Here we have another white Lieca M8 which is slightly different from the officially announced model: The differences: the original white M8 has a white shutter speed dial and the character of […]

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