Leica M9 made a brief appearance in Japan

The site was taken down, but not before Google cached it. This is the original leica-camera.co.jp link and the corresponding English translation.


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    Just wished the pictures were there!

  • NikoDoby

    A full frame CCD with 18mp?! I see now way this led to confusion in the rumor mill with some believing it would be a canon full frame sensor. I guess it’s a completely new sensor design then. Seems like Leica is going in the right direction.

    The previous X1 picture still looks like a fixed lens to me though. I don’t see a lens release like on the Panasonic GF1. Assuming of course it’s the same chassis.

    • LR admin

      Yes, my understanding is that the lens is fixed on the X1.

  • rondeb@mac.com

    Did no one do a screen capture WITH pics?!?!? Someone in Japan surely got a shot of the real deal….

  • NikoDoby

    So admin, the X1 is a completely new design? Or is it still a Panasonic GF1 chassis with a fixed lens?

  • LR admin

    Yes, I think so – the Leica X1 is a completely new design.

  • Verners

    But how reliable is the information here?
    Can we really trust that it wasn’t made up?

    Damn i cant wait for 09.09…

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