Leica M9 microsite, brochure and more Leica X1 info

Leica M9 minisite complete set of screenshots

Leica M9 brochure

Direct Leica M9 brochure download (PDF)


The above Leica X1 pictures were extracted from the Leica M9 brochure (page 42).

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  • Edi

    The Flickr photos seem to be gone. Some screenshots are still available here, though:

    FWIW, the microsite was briefly available (including PDFs) at


  • it says that the photo is unavailable…

  • Edi
  • Edi

    According to the microsite the X1 has a CMOS sensor “as big as those in many SLRs”.

    I think the camera is a beauty. Their aim obviously was to mimic the pre-war Leicas. Cool!!!

  • Carl

    Fixed or interchangable lenses?

    I really really want interchangable lenses but I bet it will be a fixed lens on the X1.

    I shoot about 80% of my images using 5DII + 35L so a leica X1 with 24mm on 1,5 crop would fit my needs but I also shoot aroubd 20% with 85L and I really would love a X1 with 24 and 55mm interchangable lenses.

    If it is a fiex len, is the 24mm still 2.8? Thats not fast enough 🙁 I need atleast 2.0

  • This one I can definitely live with, even if it is a fixed lens. If it’s 2.8, I’ll consider it. If it’s 2.0, I’ll most likely buy. It will be hard though to make that final decision, as I am currently lusting after the old Digiux 3. I love the adjustable flash on that cam and am very disappointed that more serious compacts have not adopted that method.

  • Fran

    Carl, acording to the brochure, this is the only information I have:

    “LEICA X1:

    The design of this elegant new compact member of the Leica camera family is clearly reminiscent of the classic M cameras, but its beauty is more than skin deep. It is equipped with CMOS sensor equal in size to that of many DSLR cameras, and it’s fitted with one of the very best Leica lenses, enabling it to stand on its own even with the big boys in terms of image quality. As an optional alternative to its impressive array of manual functions, it provides automatic features, such as autofocus, making it a convenient companion for any discerning camera user.”

    So, seems to be fixed lens, but don’t know wich one. I wish it could be interchangeable.

  • JR

    Here is the M9 brochure:

  • naomi

    screenshots of the whole microsite are on flickr – search and find!

  • n

    screenshots of the whole microsite are on flickr – search and find!

  • screenshots
  • Carl


    now give us som more X1 info! 😀

  • eric the red

    The M8 is a goner from the catalogue

  • Justin

    .68 mag finder? I wonder why not .72

  • Verners

    Full Frame, iso 80, a dedicated iso button, that’s a dream come true for me. Good that i kept myself from giving up and didn’t spend my savings on the M8/8.2.

  • If this brochure is correct, the M9 only goes up to ISO 2500. If I could afford the 50 Noctilux, I would think it’s okay. But when Nikons and Canons do ISO 6400 without blinking (Nikons moreso) then I have to really question the utility of the M9 for available light work.

    I know, we used to live with Tri-X at 1600 and all that. This is the 21st Century. If Leica wants to break out of its image the M8 gave them, they have to do better. The fact the sensor is CCD and not CMOS is not that big a concern to me. Maybe that’s the only way to have the back of the lens that close to the sensor (with the microlenses it requires) but it really needs to go faster than ISO 2500.

  • dick

    Only a few months ago, the line was that full-frame is techinically ‘unfeasible’ at this time (i think that’s what they said) and now there is a full frame model. It might seem CCD is the better choice for them but we only need to think tha tin this digital realm, this is not the end of the line. there will be new models maybe with CMOS down the track. Who knows? maybe they’re leaving an upgrade path open with a more modular albeit factor serviceable parts.

  • naomi

    official price on monday evening – promise.

    [mr. admin happy with the bombs so far? ]

  • LR admin

    Naomi, I do not belive you are the originator of all the leaks. I just don’t.

  • Monkey

    The X1 looks like a great toy: my GF is already dreaming about it. It will be a great replace for fixed lens analogue camera (like the Hexar AF). I just hope there will be an electronic viewfinder, maybe like the Pana one. About M9, well, I prefer save my money for a 5D MK III or something like that. I still shot analogue (35, MF and Polaroid) and, like me, many people who work with photography in a particular way are waiting for something far better than what we can see here. Anyway, the FF barrier is finally gone: we are one step closer now.

  • Edi

    Naomi, I thought the official price was already well-known since last month. Everyone and their sister expects something like 5,500 Euros. If the M9 were far more expensive it’d leave a huge gap between itself and the current M8.2 prices and there’d be no reason for Leica to remove the M8(.2) from their catalog.

    I’d rather have more details about the X1 than boring price information… 🙂

  • Carl

    Thanks Edi,

    I guess a Panasonic GF1 with 20/1.7 and 45/2.8 would fit me better then if the X1 isnt interchangable but I really really wanted a Leica.

    I guess thats my life story though 😉 I got a Bessa R3A (because of the price) but really wanted a Leica M6 and now when I want a small compact alternative to my 5DII + 35L + 85L it isnt what I wanted and I cant afford a M9 🙁

    I do really feel like a crybaby today 😉

  • none

    Direct link to the brochure:

  • melski

    Carl you have just said *everything* im thinking & feeing.. im sad now too.. no interchangable lenses vs the pannys lens options.. & i really *really* wanted the leica too.. : ( Who knows.. maybe we’ll be surprised on the 9th.. : )

  • I own a D3, and it The M9 is unable to achieve the same image quality at high isos, i do not see the point of buying one. I agree with Eric on this one. I was waiting for a M8 follower that could do much better on signal treatment thanks to the full frame sensor. I guess i will have to keep on shooting film with my m6 and digital with my D3 ….

  • mydarkroom

    OK, looked at the brochure, look authentic… but does that mean they will kill the C-LUX? and that small point and shoot has been replaced by the X1?

  • Ken Rockwell’s “prereview” already out with nice shot of the M9.


  • rondeb@mac.com

    “Ken Rockwell’s “prereview” already out with nice shot of the M9.

    Strange that it’s not a real shot. Look at the bottom plate.

    Where’s the pricing we were “promised”???

  • LR admin
  • Yang

    If you click on the X1 picture, it seems like the inscription suggest that it’s an elmarit lens.

    If it’s auto-focus, then it could be an enthusiast compact camera, although with a metal body? It’ll probably ‘metal-look’ like the d-lux… Once I went to selfridges to check out d-lux and it felt pretty plasticky…

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