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Leica will not attend PMA 2010

This is the letter Leica US sent to its dealers network: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Leica Camera has reevaluated our participation in trade shows. For 2010, we have decided that the focus should be on consumer events to give customers the opportunity to experience our latest products. This move is also in line with Leica’s […]

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Leica S2, M9 & X1 @ Samy’s Camera video

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Amazon starting to ship Leica M9 to existing pre-orders

A dpreview reader has received an email confirmation stating that Amazon will be shipping the pre-ordered black Leica M9 on Monday, October 19th. For reference, the pre-order was placed on 09.09.09.

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MightyGrip for Leica M8 & M9

This grip is Handmade out of one piece aluminum and it costs € 39,95 VAT included ex. shipping. For more info visit

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Leica links

Leica D-Lux 4 back in stock Leica Tour: Inside a Camera Company at a Crossroads (Wired) Why not? – what to do when you cannot afford an M9. Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux-M lens now in stock Leica M9/part 5/noise and dynamic range review is now online (by Erwin Puts). Part 4 (vignetting and automatic […]

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I reported about the few weeks ago and now the site is online. What is Leica Portal about? Well, the name says it all – it’s a little bit of everything. The site has no affiliation with Leica AG. The interest in Leica products is growing…

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Coding strips for Leica M, Zeiss & Voigtlander lenses

If you are interested in manual handcoding of Leica M lenses, this is the place to go. Coding strips for Zeiss & Voitlander lenses are also available:

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Leica D-Lux 4 half case

This case is available only in Japan, at

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