Unidentified Leica Camera (ULC)


Over at the l-camera-forum a member posted a picture of what appears to be is an Undentified Leica Camera (ULC). The discussion is heating up. Here is a direct link to the picture.

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  • JR

    I don’t feel like registering.

    does anyone have a second host for this picture?

  • Anonymous

    Same here

  • dan

    yeah really whats the point in linking to a photo we have to register to see??

  • LR admin

    I have asked permission to publish the photo here but have not received an answer yet.

  • LR admin

    I didn’t know that the picture is not visible to the outside world.

  • lolque

    dont worry, i could see it. it looks like a joke to me.
    the body shape seems like a canon, but that is definitely R 50/2.

    i am not sure if that’s the solution for R lens.

  • Justin

    Its a panasonic G1 with an R lens adapted… Some wise guy tried to be clever.

  • Anonymous

    who wants a rusian virus lol!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    new R be better that M9 or S2 doooooooo!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    thats why leica is always late like they new models and consummer lol!!

  • M!

    canon owners with leica wannabes complex.

  • Frozenace

    Hahaha, yeah. You can clearly see the adapter and the guy just blatantly taped the pop-up flash down.

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