Ebay madness

13 pieces limited edition Leica M6 collection for US $69,995.00:

Leica à la carte salesman's sample collection of Leica M7 and MP for US $20,000.00:

Leica KE-7A Military + 2/50 Elcan for US $31,900.00:

and one more after the break:

Leica MP-217 Silver + Leicavit for US $41,830.00:

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  • steve

    horrible antique things – none of which will ever see a film passed through their arse end! Give ’em away free with something by Gucci !

  • steve

    Leica in 2010 seems to be a rich mans hobby. They should sell the name to a modernist for a £1,00 Leica could and should be the NUMBER 1 Photographic solution for EVERYBODY! They should be manufacturing in China ( Just like any other premier company including Apple computer ) An M9 body should cost no more than £600 . Leica will be gone by 2015 without a massive change, and a deletion of the GEEKS.

  • steve

    I must be a geek because I’m arsed to write here!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve

    Sigma Japan would be an interesting owner of the Leica brand. A company who look forward!

  • yoshitoshi

    Steve, $7k is not that hard to make these days. It just depends where your priorities are.

  • steve

    ta Yoshitoshi, KIDS!

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