New Voigtländer 12mm F5.6 lens for M-mount

Today Cosina announced a new lens Voigtländer 12mm F5.6 lens for m-mount. The lens was already listed on their website for few days.


  • Focal length / 12mm
  • Lens / 8 groups of 10 sheets
  • Minimum Aperture / F22
  • Angle / 121 °
  • Number of diaphragm blades / 9 Photos
  • Minimum focusing distance / 0.5m
  • Work scope rangefinder / ∞ ~ 0.7m (depending on camera)
  • Maximum diameter / φ74.6mm
  • Overall length / 42.5mm ◎ Weight / 156g ◎ Mount / VM mount

Key Features, price after the break:

  • Adopt VM bayonet mount. The lens mount used to mount the VM. In addition, M can be used with the camera mounted.
  • Interlocking system with a total distance. Response to a request that a more precise focus, with a total distance of interlocking system. Can now focus on the exact intended location.
  • Can be installed without a filter adapter. Filter can be fitted Φ67mm various shooting is now possible to install a filter.
  • Metal tube and the total outstanding operability
  • 12mm (angle 121 °) ultra-wide lens. This is no fish-eye lens. Distortion (distortion) is a correction to the extreme ultra-wide angle lens. Amazing 121 ° angle is achieved. The new world of ultra-wide angle spread before your eyes.
  • Beautiful the world to record. Only写Se beautiful, there is a very wide meaning. Heria take over as the name of Tamana, Representative thoroughly obsessed. Aspheric lens adopted, and we are both in high angle and image quality.
  • Lens price: ¥ 85,000
  • Viewfinder price: ¥34,500

A new viewfinder was also released:

Source: Google translated, original link here

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  • Anonymous

    Yyumy for my Gh1 with M adaptator!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leicamonster

    Good price for ultra wide.

  • yoshitoshi

    Nice lens, although with that aperture rating I hope the US prices translates to around the 15mm price.

  • Am to assume that this is an updated 12mm f/5.6? Voigtlaender has had a lens like this since at least 2001:

  • The original 12mm f/5.6 was in LTM (necessitating an adapter for M-mount) and non-rangefinder coupled (meaning you had to guesstimate the focus). The newly announced 12mm (and it’s 15mm big brother) are now natively M-mount and rangefinder coupled. You still need an external viewfinder to frame the image but you can focus through the camera’s VF. CV makes a kicking 15-35mm VF with corrections for FF and 1.33x sensors.

  • BO

    Lovely, my 15mm is about to get company.! Thank you Voigtlander.

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