Leica M9: field test and hands-on review (video)

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  • Eric Boe

    Nicely done video. I would second your comments and observations.

  • andy

    Nice real-world review of the M9.

  • John

    Hong Kong is beautiful

  • NikoDoby

    A DSLR shutter “sounds like a disabled person in a wheelchair falling down some stairs”.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope Voigtländer or Zeiss make something alike and more affordable.

  • Lainer

    Thanks for the review. I liked it. Wish it was longer!

  • Anonymous

    Video was nice and really compelling. Almost like an ad for you to get the M9. It’s unassuming but yet factual real world usage.

    But then again this is not a rumor.
    So it doesn’t belong here in Leicarumors!

    Go get rumors admin or atleast try to.
    Instead of surfing the net all day slumped on your a$$.

  • Anonymous

    @LR admin

    so you claim this is “THE Leica Blog” like, this is the main source for “THE Leica news”? “THE Leica updates”? and others are just imitations?

    you said you’re “THE Leica Blog”, you must be “tight” with Leica huh?

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