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An open letter to Leica from LL

Very interesting open letter to Leica from Luminous-Landscape. A “must read”.

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New Voigtländer 12mm F5.6 lens for M-mount

Today Cosina announced a new lens Voigtländer 12mm F5.6 lens for m-mount. The lens was already listed on their website for few days. Specs: Focal length / 12mm Lens / 8 groups of 10 sheets Minimum Aperture / F22 Angle / 121 ° Number of diaphragm blades / 9 Photos Minimum focusing distance / 0.5m […]

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Leica X1 seems to be delayed till February after all

The initial Leica X1 February delay report turns out to be true – today B&H updated the Leica X1 availability from January 2010 to February 2010:

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Three new Leica limited editions: 60th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China

Three new limited edition Leicas will be introduced for the 60th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China (click on image to enlarge). Leica D-Lux 4: Leica MP and 50mm Lux: Leica M8.2 body only: Source

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Update on the Leica M9 pre-orders from Amazon

Update: the black M9 is now labeled as “Usually ships within 1 to 4 weeks”. A reader has ordered one on 1/15/09 from Amazon and he received an email back with an estimated delivery of 1/29-2/9 (thanks for the update J): The steel grey M9 is now back to “signup to be notified” (and not […]

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Cool Leica video

I found this Leica video on the Facebook page of Leica Historical Society of America:

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Amazon taking Leica M9 pre-orders again

Amazon started to take pre-orders for Leica M9 again – currently labeled “Temporarily out of stock”. Not sure what this means exactly (maybe they are expecting a shipment?), but they don’t charge your credit card until they actually ship the item: Leica M9 (black) Leica M9 (steel gray)

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For the ladies…

Leica Camera bags as purses (click for larger view): Source

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